Thursday 11 December 2014

My Last 4 Mascaras

I'm reaching the end of my current mascara so thought I'd have a look back at the last few I've been using before I have a Christmas clear out! 

Maybelline: The Falsies

I remember being totally enticed by the TV adverts for this product and couldn't wait to try it. The first one I picked up was actually the 'Black Drama' version which has the lace effect packaging. The first thing you notice when you use it is the unique wand; it's curved and has added flexibility that conventional wands lack. In my opinion the wand is the star element of this product. As you use it it gives your lashes shape and the flexibility makes it so much easier to reach your outer lashes. The narrowness of it's sides means that you get less clumping and I felt it really lengthened my lashes. The mascara itself was great - long lasting and doesn't get brittle. I loved the product so much that I bought the waterproof version for my holiday and that didn't disappoint either! When you apply it it's a lot more liquidy and thicker than the regular mascara, but I actually felt that this gave my lashes more volume. I thought this was perfect because I didn't tend to wear eyeliner when on holiday because I was jumping in and out of the pool constantly, so the mascara was great at outlining my eyes. In terms of staying power it lasted all day - I did notice some black marks under my eyes, but considering the length of time I was in the water this is still impressive. Another great aspect was that it was easy to get off! I've had nightmares before with waterproof mascaras because I end up pulling out lashes when I try and remove it - but this was as easy as conventional. 

My love for this mascara was shown by the fact I went through it in no time at all and with regrets I thought it was time to try a new brand.

Rimmel: Scandaleyes Show Off

I remember seeing this in Superdrug and thinking that the concept of having a ball-shaped brush just had to be tried. The wand has a conventional straight-barrel brush and then at the end it has a little sphere with bristles all over its surface. The idea is to use the sphere to catch lashes on a more individual basis - I used it mainly to get my outer lashes. In theory, it's a great idea, but in practice I found too much product collected on the ball and using it just ended up giving me clumpy lashes. I also like applying mascara to all of my lashes with a couple of strokes, but I found I had to do a lot more because the straight-barrel part was so much shorter. The mascara itself was great, but I do prefer the Maybelline formulation with the Falsies. I also found this formulation dried up a lot faster. Overall, I enjoyed trying this, but probably wouldn't buy again.

Rimmel: Scandaleyes Volume Lash

If I'm being completely honest, I bought this solely because Superdrug were doing a special offer when it first launched and I love a bargain! Despite this, I'm actually really pleased with it. I was a bit sceptical after using their Show Off mascara, but I think the formulation is actually a bit different and has definitely improved for the better. Today I just applied one layer of this mascara and it feels so nice and light - but looks incredible. You can really get great length with this product. The brush itself is slightly conical and I love it! Using the more pointed end at the outer lashes gives such a lovely effect. Finally, the packaging is so cute - you can't really see from my pictures but there is a subtle shimmer in the orange!

So as I mentioned at the start, I am getting to the end of my Scandaleyes Volume Lash, but I already have my next mascara lined up. I've been using Rimmel and Maybelline a lot this year, so this time I'm going to try a W7 mascara to branch out a little. I'm really excited to try this out because the packaging looks exactly like the Benefit They're Real mascara so I wonder if it's comparable! 

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