Saturday 20 December 2014

Faith in Nature: Organic, natural skincare

Faith in Nature is a fantastic company that I've just been introduced to. They're an organic brand who are cruelty free AND their products are suitable for vegans! Here's a review on the three products that I've been trying out recently and absolutely adoring!

Before I get on to the products, I just want to tell you a little bit more about the company itself because they are a really impressive group of people. They started up 40 years ago in Edinburgh and have maintained their original ideals of making skin, hair and body care from only the best natural ingredients. If that doesn't sound great enough, they also try to locally source all their ingredients where possible. 

Coconut Hand Cream     £6.39 for 50ml

I am a huge lover of hand cream, especially at this time of year. We use our hands constantly and we all know that it's our hands that show signs of aging the most - so it's important to care for them whenever you can! I hate having dry hands, but, because I'm washing my hands all of the time and using hand sanitizers, dehydration is inevitable! For these reasons, I was so excited to try out the hand cream. The pump is so convenient and easy - it doesn't require you to squeeze product out of a tube, just needs one little press. The cream itself smells oh-so-good. I am a massive fan of coconut scents anyway, but I think it is really suited to being a hand cream because it's such a pleasant, subtle smell that actually lasts on your skin for a long time! The website explains that the organic coconut oil is derived from pressing coconut kernels and that this oil inhibits the loss of moisture in your skin. I wholeheartedly agree that it does this! The hand cream is massively moisturising, but, incredibly, does not have an oily consistency at all. This means it soaks in really quickly, but doesn't leave you with an annoying residue that makes it harder to go about your daily business. I would honestly go on the record saying that this is probably the best hand cream I've ever used! 

Lavender Body Lotion   £6.25 for 150ml

I've been looking for a new body moisturiser and was so excited to give this a try. Part of my night-time routine is always to moisturise my arms and legs before I go to sleep so lavender is an ideal scent for it's relaxing and sedative properties. Just like the coconut hand cream, the formulation of the lotion is not greasy at all and sinks in so quickly, which is fantastic as you don't have to wait around before putting your pyjamas on for fear of sticking! It's incredibly soothing as well and lavender oil is suggested as being really effective for sunburn. Faith in Nature definitely put thought into their packaging as well as the pump is perfect for body lotion! So many other lotions come in bottles which require you tip  and squeeze, which gets difficult once you're using a hand that has product on it! You can get out of the shower and easily get yourself  all moisturized with no accidents! 

You can also get the body lotion in the coconut formulation and the hand cream in the lavender formulation, likewise.

Pineapple & Lime: Shower Gel & Foam Bath    £5.60 for 400ml

There is such a huge selection of these shower gels in so many enticing scents. I love a fruity scent when I'm in the shower and this one really doesn't disappoint. The citrus smell is just so refreshing and fantastic for an early morning wash! Lime oil is supposed to detoxify and tone your skin, whereas pineapple extract has anti-inflammatory effects - so the combination is ideal for your skin! A tiny amount really goes a long way as well - it just lathers up incredibly. I haven't actually tried it in a bath as I'm much more of a shower girl, but I think having that gorgeous scent around you in the bath would be perfect! 

I am absolutely loving all three of these products and would highly recommend you have a look at the incredible range available at Faith in Nature. They also make hair care, hand wash and products for babies! I definitely want to check out more of their products because I have been hugely impressed. 

Here's how you can find them:

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