Tuesday 9 December 2014

How to wear: Rimmel Colour Rush

Lip crayons have been really popular this year - and for good reason! I'm going to be reviewing my personal favourite which is Rimmel's Lasting Colour Rush in the shade: Rumour Has It

The way I'd describe a lip crayon is probably a 'more-solid' lipstick. These Rimmel crayons give just as much colour as a normal lipstick, but are more easy to apply while you're on the go. The pointed design also makes it a lot easier to shape your lips.

An added benefit is that it is so easy to layer and vary the depth of the colour. For a casual look I just give my lips a gentle swipe - but for a more intense colour you just keep on smoothing it on.

The formula is actually really moisturising - reminds me slightly of the Clinique Chubby Stick in that respect. It's staying properties are quite good and I think it's because it does stain your lips slightly - so a bit like a stain that doesn't dry your lips out... win! 

This colour (Rumour Has It) is quite bright so I'd pair it with more subtle eyeshadow.

For this look I used a creamy, light pink shadow and covered the entirety of my lid and the outer region of my lid up to the eyebrow. I then used a silver cream shadow and, starting in the inner corner, smoothed it into the middle of my eye lid. Because I was using cream shadows it was really easy to blend them with my finger. The pink is really subtle because it's so light, but brings an element of matching between your eyes and lips. 

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