Monday 15 December 2014

My first four W7 products!

W7 is a brand that I always knew existed and had heard countless friends talk about, but I'd never actually tried any of their products! Recently, I found myself being really enticed by a huge number of their cosmetics - so thought it was time to give W7 a go! Here's a review of four of their products I've been trying :)

The Absolute Lashes mascara jumped out at me straight away because the packaging really reminded me of the Benefit They're Real mascara. It looks really pretty and is gorgeous in my make up bag. The wand itself is plastic as opposed to the normal bristles that I'm used to, but I was pleasantly surprised at the effect this had on my lashes: 

The wand seemed to pick up all of my lashes and distributed the mascara evenly, without causing any clumping whatsoever. This made the effect seem so natural which I loved. This is definitely more a lengthening than a thickening mascara. I've tried to show you this lengthening ability in my pictures, above, but I really was genuinely impressed. 
In terms of wearing ability, it felt so good on - many mascaras make your lashes feel quite stiff, but I didn't get this at all with this product. I didn't notice any flaking or any signs of my lashes becoming really dry. Additionally, when it came to removing the mascara it was so easy - I've had so many nightmares with removing mascara when my lashes end up getting tugged out, but this was just a breeze.

This is a great every-day mascara which is ideal for when you really want to show off some long lashes.

Next up is the W7 Yummy Eyes baked eye shadows - I have the shade Rusty. These really remind me of the Bourjois Little Round Pot eyeshadows and to be honest, they're definitely on par in terms of quality! The colour is stunning - a browny bronze - and the pigmentation is fantastic. I've tried to show you this with a quick swatch on my fingertip in the pictures above - the colour in the pot really does transfer to what you get when you use it. 

In the picture above I applied quite a thin layer of this eyeshadow - but I really love the look of it. It's such a warm colour and the subtle shimmer really makes your eyes stand out. I've actually popped a little bit of white shadow just in the inner corner and a darker brown in the outer corner just to give you an idea of how I'd wear it.
Finally, the packaging also comes with a handy little mirror - so convenient!  

Matte lips have been so fashionable this year so I was really excited to try out W7's Mega Matte Lips range. These are lip glosses, but the colour is so pigmented that you'd use it instead of a lipstick. The colour I have is, 'Two Bob', which is a neutral shade, but with more brown tones. 

I really hope that the picture above shows this, but the finish of product is most definitely matte. Other lip products that I have just dry my lips out and end up looking flakey and inconsistent, but this gloss was moisturising, without looking shiny. I would go so far as to say this is one of the best matte lip products I've tried! I definitely want to try out some other colours, because I'm not sure if this one suits my pale skin so well - but I think this could really work well with some neutral, laid-back make up.

Sometimes I worry that my foundation can dull regions of my face and perhaps defer attention away from areas where I want it drawn to! I usually just used white or cream eyeshadows as highlighters, but I finally made myself try an official highlighting product. It comes in a cute bottle with a brush that reminds me a bit of a nail polish brush. It's really easy to apply - I've been using it on my cheek bones and under my eyebrows. It has a nice subtle shimmer that gives your face a bit more of a "fresh" and healthy look! I'm definitely going to be using this on a daily basis, but I think it would be perfect for evenings out as well to apply a bit thicker to add more of a glow to your face.

To conclude, I'm really glad I've given W7 a try and I'd definitely recommend you do too :)

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