Friday 12 December 2014

Favourite Nail Colours of 2014

This year I've had so much fun experimenting with new colours for my nails - here's a little review of my favourite shades!

I think that reds always look gorgeous. I have loved my dark reds from Nails Inc, particularly this winter, but also loved my Saffron Pillar Box Red which is just bright and beautiful! The picture doesn't really do it justice, but second in from the left is an MUA red-coral shade which I wore to death on my holiday to Spain. 

I find blues so versatile. In the Spring I loved wearing pastel blues like the Primark shades on the left and my Spanish polish on the far right. In the Autumn and Winter I loved wearing my Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro: Midnight Blue polish which is a really deep navy blue with shimmer.

Greens are sometimes a bit controversial, but I absolutely adore them. For the Spring and Summer I wore my Yes Love shade which might look bright, but actually looks really pretty and isn't garish at all. When it's on your nails the blue tones within come out a bit more which makes it look great. For the colder months my Rimmel Lycra Pro: Sea Green is just gorgeous. This colour is just so beautiful and the varnish itself is fantastic quality. It lasts for a decent amount of time before chipping. Another plus is the applicator which is wider and more sturdy than most.

Golds and taupes always look really sophisticated, I feel, and are great for any time of year. I've loved wearing golds for evenings out this year.

My Essence Coral polish and my Astor peachy-orange shade were so good to wear this summer! These shades are so pretty and perfect for a beach holiday. I picked up the two polishes on the left in Spain and they're more brown-toned which I've loved to try out this Autumn.

I recently picked up a nail hardener from Make Up Gallery and although I've only used it a few times, I do have a feeling it is actually working! It was super cheap and makes me feel less guilty about re-painting my nails constantly! 
This year I have loved experimenting with nail art so picked up two crackle polishes - the Barry M Black and the China Glaze White. I had a lot of fun with these at the start of the year - I actually preferred the black to the white, but haven't worn them much recently.
A spur of the moment purchase was the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish in Sweetie. It's a textured polish which I never felt really worked for me. It might just be because my nails are quite short, because I've seen some lovely pictures in other blogs of girls wearing these Sugar Coats and it looks fantastic.

In terms of nail art I have a bit of an excessive collection of nail caviar and nail art pens as well - let me know if you'd be interested in me showing you my favourite nail art looks! 

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