Thursday 4 December 2014

Moogoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser

A cleanser and moisturiser all-on-one? Amazing.

Lately, my skin has been particularly vulnerable to breakouts (probably the result of writing my dissertation) so I've been keen to try some new products. I'd heard of the company, 'Moogoo' before and have really wanted to try some of their skincare for quite some time! Their products are completely natural with no added chemicals or petroleum - so are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. The company actually started using udder cream in it's products - which is hugely soothing for the skin. They also have multitudes of products available for people with specific skin conditions. I thought I'd try out a sample of their Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser - and, oh my gosh... it is heavenly. The first thing you'll notice is the smell - a pure, sweet, vanilla kind-of-smell. The smell persists, as well, so your face will smell good all day! The second thing you'll notice is just how light it is when you apply it to your skin. You can really tell they don't add any petroleum because it is not oily at all. This is great because you can apply make up on top of it when you use it in the morning. It is a cleanser, as well as a moisturiser, so I've been using it morning and night. It's great for anyone who is prone to spot break-outs and, contrary to most acne creams, it doesn't contain bleach! You can tell it hasn't got any horrible chemicals because it doesn't hurt when you get it in your eye (like I tend to do because I'm a clumsy fool) and when I accidentally got some in my mouth it tasted pretty darn good - clearly all natural! Obviously, it is not made for eating - so please don't do that haha.

A couple of weeks later I can tell you that this product has definitely really helped my skin. Within a couple of days of using it it brought out some annoying under the skin spots which had been being so stubborn. It seemed to reduce redness of any pre-existing spots, which was so great for me because I'd been having so much difficulty in concealing them with make-up! In terms of my skin itself, it's felt so much more hydrated lately - I've been using this product morning and night and it makes my skin feel so soft. I love falling asleep with this lovely scent on my skin as well!

All-in-all I am really pleased with this product - it's a gentle way of cleansing your face with a combined moisturiser. Also, the full-size version looks like a milk-carton... How adorable is that? 

I would highly recommend Moogoo so definitely check them out! Their website is:

P.S. I also featured this in my December favourites 2014 - so definitely check that out on my Youtube channel :)

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