Tuesday 8 September 2015

Eco by Sonya: Skincare Review

With the summer behind us, it can be hard to say goodbye to our tanned, glowing skin and embrace the darker, colder months of Autumn and Winter. Luckily, skincare has come such a long way that we don't necessarily need to say goodbye - with proper care we can maintain our tan and keep our skin feeling good all year round. Previously, I've never been to keen on using self-tanning creams and lotions because I've been wary of what ingredients are being used to, effectively, stain my skin. With a bit of research I've learnt that most companies use an extensive range of synthetic 'nasties' and GM ingredients in their tanners and, also, in their regular skincare. As a result, I was so excited to find 'Eco by Sonya' - an Australian brand which creates organic, natural products that include products to create a tan, but also products to maintain a tan. 'Organically Epic' are now stocking 'Eco by Sonya' in the UK - so I couldn't wait to share with you my experience of the brand and four of my favourite products.