Thursday 4 December 2014

Winter Lip Laquers

For me, the winter months are the perfect time to focus on your lips! When you're out in the cold a rich lip-colour can give your face a bit more warmth (and take the focus away from your red nose!). The Apocalips range from Rimmel were my first liquid lipstick purchase and, I must admit, I have not been disappointed. In this post I want to share with you my two favourite shades which I think will look great this season. 

As an alternative of the conventional red lips for Christmas time I think berry-colours are the way forward. I'm still not brave enough to go for the really deep, dark colours - but there are plenty of other options! The 'Apocaliptic' shade is a beautiful, rich pink which is subtle enough to suit many skin tones. If you'd prefer something a little less bright, then 'Celestial' might be the shade for you.

I would describe 'Celestial' as being a bit more rose-toned and a bit more subtle than 'Apocaliptic' which makes it a great everyday colour. It perfectly complements the rosy cheeks you get when out in the cold over winter. 

In terms of the product itself, I was really happy with the purchase. The packaging is really attractive and the style of wand is unique, but effective. If you can see from the pictures there is a hollow-region in the wand. When you first use it you tend to underestimate how much product you'll get from each sweep because of the collection in the hollow - but once you're used to it, it's actually quite advantageous. The raised edges at the side of the hollow allow you to follow the line of your lips really easily without getting the product on your skin. 

The lacquer is highly pigmented - the picture above shows one light sweep - and, contrary to my expectations, it is highly moisturising! With coloured lip products I often find that as the product soaks in it leaves your lips feeling dry - but this is not the case with these. They maintain the moisture for a good amount of time - even after it's soaked in. The colour also remains somewhat after drinking/eating etc. - although, it's not a full stain.

If you're like me, and you're not quite ready to go for dark winter colours, then I would definitely try these two shades for size! The liquid lipstick is a great alternative to conventional lipstick and lipgloss - giving you a beautiful look with just a couple of sweeps!

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