Thursday 4 December 2014

Caring for your lips!

The winter weather is always difficult for my lips and so I try my best to avoid chapping and cracking. This post will be about the lip products I'm using this month to keep my lips soft.

This November I bought my first ever lip butter from 'The Body Shop'. It's from the Chocomania range and smells absolutely gorgeous. Although a huge chocolate fan, I don't usually tend to buy chocolate-scented skincare products. This lip butter does smell slightly chocolatey, but has a strong nutty smell to it too - so don't be off-put if you're not a fan of the chocolate scent in products! I was attracted to buying this because I wanted something a little thicker on my lips for the winter. It's completely clear when you rub it into your lips and remains on your lips for a good amount of time! The only downside is that the tub-style requires you to get your finger tips coated in lip balm. This doesn't really bother me too much as I'm a mucky pup and just wipe it on my top, but I know this doesn't suit some people! As a result, I also purchased a twist-up balm to try that out:

This is the 'Pink Berry' lip balm, also from 'The Body Shop'. These balms are so easy to keep in your bag/pocket and you can apply them quickly without any mess on your fingers! They do a variety of different scents, but I went with 'Pink Berry' which is a lovely sweet, fruity smell. The balms themselves are completely transparent on your lips - I've found myself using this over my lips when I've used a lip stain just for some extra moisture. It is a lovely lip-balm, but it doesn't last for that long - I'd definitely say the lip butter is longer-lasting.

This was my first ever 'Burt's Bees' product. I was really excited to try this because I've never had any pomegranate-scented items in my make-up or skincare kit. The scent isn't too sweet, so isn't overpowering. The balm is oil-based which means it feel like you have a nice thick-layer on your lips - a nice little protectant from the harsh winter air! The lasting power is good and, like the other products mentioned so far, it is completely translucent on the lips. 

This Derma Intensive lip balm is probably one of the best lip balms I've ever used in terms of staying-power. It's super cheap and affordable - obviously not all that fashionable, but really good for keeping your lips lovely and soft. As you can see from the cracked packaging, it is well loved by me. It's a great basic to keep in your handbag. 

I am a big fan of Nivea moisturisers so was eager to try their lip balms. This one in particular has a pink shimmer to it - so is a nice and girly balm. I tend to prefer purely translucent lip balms so as not to distract from my lip colour underneath, so I haven't really been wearing this one very often, but in terms of moisturising capability it is a great lip balm. 

Oh, I do love Carmex. The cherry scent is beautifully sweet and sticks around for a long time. Whenever I wear this the people around me notice the smell (in a good way, of course) - so you can think of it as your own lip perfume. One of the main attractions to me has to be the 'tingling' that comes with using this tube. It's probably entirely psychological, but it makes you feel as if the balm is actually doing something. I feel like it is very moisturising and it also has SPF 15 which is an added bonus.

Lip balms are an essential for the winter - so make sure you always have one on you! Another tip for me is to make your own lip-scrub to remove any dead skin that is persisting on your lips. To do this just mix some sugar with one of your lip balms (I find a lip butter is really good for this) and use this mixture to exfoliate your lips. Then apply a nice layer of lip balm after to keep them soft :)

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