Monday 12 January 2015

Topshop Beauty Haul

The New Year brings an opportunity for us to try completely new looks and so an excuse for me to buy some new make-up! I'm always attracted to the make-up stands in Topshop because of the adorable packaging, but I've never really tried that many different cosmetics from them. Read on to hear my reviews of the latest additions to my make-up collection!

I'm going to start with lips. I depend on my lipsticks so much that I wanted to try some different forms of lip colour to mix things up a little for 2015.

Gloss Ink in Smitten

This product is a combination of a lip stain and a gloss. The stain comes in a chic, matte-finish tube with the classic Topshop font.The applicator is a conventional doe-foot making it really easy to apply the stain accurately to your lips.

The shade is 'Smitten' which is a gorgeous hot pink. It's dark enough to be easily worn by many different skin tones and is so highly pigmented. You get intense colour pay-off with even just one stroke on your lips. The finish is beautifully shiny, as you would hope from a gloss and is so moisturising. Today I applied this at around 9 in the morning and the shine was still there by half 1 in the afternoon. The colour itself is incredibly long lasting, even after the shine fades. It is maintained after drinking or light eating, but after a full blown meal you will see some fading in the inner parts of your lip. All-in-all this is easily one of the best lip stains I've tried in a long time and the moisturising nature makes it so much easier to wear. 

Lip Cream in Double Take

The polka dots definitely encouraged me with this purchase - the packaging is just so cute! I was really intrigued by the idea of a lip cream and bought it in the hopes it would act as a liquid lipstick. I definitely wasn't disappointed. This is massively high pigmented, very creamy and with a velvet look on your lips.

Double Take is a beautiful purple. I tend to stick to pinks and reds for my lips as they're within my comfort zone, but this colour is quite a pink-toned purple which I felt would be a good transitioning colour for me to try. Just like the Gloss Ink - the pigmentation in this cream is so intense that you only need one thin layer. The cream is a lot more moisturising, however, as you would expect. The staying power is not as good as the Ink, but it's not a stain so it's not a surprise. I wore this for a good few hours yesterday with no fading until I had lunch which removed a lot of the product from the middle of my lips. I really do like this cream, but it's definitely one that you'll need to touch up if you're wanting to wear it all day.

Now on to the eyes! 

Eyeduo in Time Off and Long Weekend

These little duos attracted me because the matte blue and orange shades are like nothing else that I have in my eye shadow collection. I find myself using my neutral shades out of habit everyday, so these duos will give me the chance to brighten my eyes up a bit!

As you can see from the swatches, the colours don't come out as intense as they appear in the pots, but with multiple layers I've been able to create a really vibrant look with these colours. Using just one layer, like you see in the picture, is great for an everyday look as well though because it's not too ostentatious! 

Molten Eyes in Blue Lagoon and Lilac Rain

Almost all of my shadows are powders, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on some eye crayons. Both of these crayons are shimmery - which is my favourite look for my eyes. 

The colours are really pigmented and apply so easily. They have a gorgeous creamy consistency, but seem to dry as they set on your eyes. The speed in which they set is actually pretty quick, but you still have just enough time to blend them together should you wish. The crayons are also really long-lasting on your eyes - the swatches I drew were still on my hand the next morning, even after a shower. I am so glad that I've picked these up because you can make quick everyday looks using them to line your eyes or you can go for a full shadow look by blending them over your lids. They're really versatile and that's perfect for any cosmetic.

Grunge Stick in GO-GO

Another crayon, in a slightly different form.

This shadow is a gorgeous turquoisey-green with plenty of shimmer. 

The crayon has a flat surface tip which makes application to the lid really easily. The slant, however, means you can use just the top edge to line your eyes precisely. It doesn't have the same metallic look as the Molten Eyes crayons, but a slightly more delicate coverage. Saying that, it can be built up to make it more intense. 

Below is a look I created using all three of the crayons. I used Blue Lagoon on the outer parts of the lid, GO-GO on the middle and inner parts of my lid and then Lilac Rain in my inner corner (you might not be able to see that so well from the photo angle, however).

As you can see, the crayons are really easy to blend together.

Eye Gleam in Noir

This cream eyeshadow is actually part of the Damned collection. It's beautifully smooth, so can be blended easily, and has a metallic look when applied to the eye. Shimmer is brought to the shadow with tiny flecks of purple and green glitter to give it a bit of glamour. I'm really looking forward to using this on it's own, but also as a base to build up a great look for an evening out. 

Hope you've enjoyed reading about these lovely new products! Let me know what you think :) 

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