Monday 5 January 2015

Bourjois Anti-Choc No Chips Polish

This week has been pretty cold and grey in England, so I thought I'd brighten things up a little with my newest nail polish! Read on for my review of this gorgeous shade from Bourjois.
The polish I'm featuring is the Bourjois 10 Days Anti-Choc No Chips in the shade 25 Macaron.

As you can see, the colour is gorgeous. It's a light coral combining orange and pink. In my pictures it is appearing a bit more pink than it is in person - you can see from the product picture above more of the orange tones. 

I am a massive Bourjois fan - at the moment I'm a bit addicted to their Delice de Poudre Bronzer (the chocolate one!), so I was really excited to try this product. It definitely has some big claims with the 10 day comment on the bottle, but before we get to that I'll talk a little bit more about the polish itself. 

The colour of the polish is really pigmented as you would expect and it applies really easily. You definitely need to layer it, however, as it's really quite patchy on the first coat. To get my desired opacity I have been doing three coats and I think that gives a really nice finish. 

An additional perk to this product is the angled brush applicator:

The brush is advertised as being a touch-up brush and I've found this really useful. You can use the tip to make sure you get even coverage even in the outer edges of your nails when first applying the polish, but then you can touch up any chips with it later as well. The angle itself doesn't affect the normal application process - it's still just as easy.

In terms of staying power, I was really impressed. I'm always using my hands and so chipping is inevitable with my nail polish - but this one has held up really well. After wearing it for 5 days I only had a couple of chips on the side of a couple of nails and these had come from me trying to remove a staple from a booklet (so chipping would happen with any polish in that circumstance).

Overall, I'm really impressed with this nail polish as it's lasting power is so much better than a lot of the polishes I've been using lately. It's so convenient to not have to constantly re-do your nails because chipping has made them look a mess! I wish it was possible to just use two coats, but apart from that I love the varnish. I'll definitely be purchasing more colours! 

Hope you enjoyed this post - let me know what you think in the comments below :) 

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