Thursday 22 January 2015

Couleur Caramel Natural Make-Up

My aim for 2015 is to try and use as many natural products as possible to look after my skin. As you probably know if you've been following my blog, I've had so much fun trying out some great natural skincare, but was yet to try some natural make-up. Couleur Caramel offer a great range of certified organic, mineral make-up - so I was eager to give them a try.

Read on to see my thoughts! 
Couleur Caramel is a French brand which is just getting more and more popular all over Europe. Like I've already said, their products are natural, organic and mineral, but they are also cruelty-free and use biodegradable materials for their packaging. It's guilt-free make-up!  If you want to know more about the brand then check out their 'About Us' page on the Colour Caramel website... Now let me tell you about what I've been trying!

Eye shadow n°090 - Fern green & n°093 - Sandy haze

 The first two items that I have been trying are two single eyeshadows. As you can see Fern green is a gorgeous grassy-green with shimmer throughout and Sandy haze is matte-finish light beige colour.

The swatches below were made with no primer whatsoever and I only had to touch the eyeshadow so lightly to get this amount of pigmentation. Although they're a powder they are so creamy and smooth that they're a dream to apply. From reading up about them, they're actually made of micronised powder - so the powder itself is made of particles a lot finer than what you would get in conventional shdows. This ensures you get full coverage when you apply these to your eyelids without patchiness.

In terms of longevity, you will not be disappointed. I actually wore these without any eyeshadow primer and, after applying them at 8am, the shadow was still perfectly in place when I went to take my make-up off that night. 

In terms of the looks that you can make with these, Sandy haze is an ideal base colour for your lids or even a crease colour if you're going for a very light neutral look. Fern green is just so beautiful - it's a hue of green that is actually really easy to wear. If you scroll down you'll see the way I wore both of these shades together to give an 'earthy' look. I think this green looks beautiful on the outer half of your eyelid blended in with a lighter gold of silver shade in the inner half. For a more dramatic look, I would layer this shade up for a more intense green. I also used Fern green to line my lower lashline and it gave a really beautiful, but unique feel to the look. 

Here are the website links if you're interested in these shadows:

I'd definitely recommend having a look at these on the website because there's a great range of colours for these shadows - when I looked 30 were being featured, so there's plenty of choice.

Eye pencil n°103 - Pearly blue

Eyeliner is the make-up product that I could not live without, so I am constantly on the hunt for new ones to add to my collection. Recently, I've been using liquid eyeliners the majority of the time so I'm trying to get myself back into pencil liners this year. 

The shade of this pencil is 'Pearly blue' which is a grey-toned blue with a very subtle shimmer running through it. If you're someone that doesn't often venture out from black eyeliner, then this is a great colour to try because it's not too 'out-there' but gives you the chance to try a bit of a lighter shade around your eyes. 

I've had bad experiences with pencil liners before where the pencil would tug at my eyelid and I'd have to pull at my eyelid to get any product off of the pencil. Honestly, this pencil was a breeze to apply. The creaminess of the eyeliner meant that it transferred onto your skin so easily. There was no tugging, no catching on the skin and I was able to go straight along the lashline in a clean sweep. It's also blendable if you wanted to blend this colour into your eyeshadow so you don't have so harsh a liner. 

This stayed all day on my lashline so I was really impressed - I didn't use it to tightline so I'm unsure how long it would last in those moist areas, but I can definitely vouch for it being longlasting on your eyelids and lash lines. 

You can find this on the website: here.

So this is a picture of the look I created with all three of these eye products. I used Sandy haze to coat my whole eyelid and brought it up as a transition shade also. I used Fern green on the outer half of my eyelid and blended it across with a touch of gold shadow in the centre. I left the inner third of the eye with Sandy haze and then put a touch of silver into my inner corner. I lined my lashes with Pearly blue and brought it out for a slight cat-flick.

I blended Pearly blue in with Fern green along the lower lashline for a gorgeous turquoisey look. 

All-in-all, I was overwhelmed by the quality of these products. The eyeshadows were such a pleasure to apply that I'll definitely be looking into getting some more shades. 

If you're someone with sensitive skin or skin that is prone to break-outs then I would definitely recommend trying out more natural and organic make-up. Couleur Caramel can give you all of this and more! 

Check out their website for eye, lip and face make-up as well as brushes, accessories and skincare! Treat yourself to some enironmentally-friendly, animal-friendly and all-around beautiful products! 

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