Wednesday 7 January 2015


Recently, my night time skin routine has been a dream and I owe this entirely to these two products. I am so excited to write about these because they have done wonders for my skin and are made from organic ingredients as well as being cruelty free. Read on to learn a bit more about these gorgeous products.

 When it comes to skincare I always think that organic brands are best - they use the purest form of the most effective natural ingredients. L.OVED ORGANICS excels in this respect - all you have to do is take a look at the ingredients of any of their products to see what natural goodness each one contains. They are also all made in a cruelty-free manner so you can feel at ease while using them!

I'll begin by showing you how my two products arrived because it is so evident that a great deal of care was taken!

My two items were packaged so carefully and then wrapped in this gorgeous blue tissue paper which had little sparkles! Little touches like this are just so sweet and show just how committed the company is to provide you with a great experience with their products.

I was even more amazed when I opened up the wrapping to find the delights inside! The first item that I want to talk about is their, 'T-Zone Fab Facial Scrub':

The products come in beautiful, blue-tinted glass jars which look so pretty on your dresser table. I chose this scrub as my dissertation has been wreaking havoc on my face and this sounded like it would be a really effective cleanser, but also really nourishing for my skin. As you can see from the front, the scrub contains borage seed, peppermint and grape fruit oils as well as an abundance of natural oils which do wonders for your skin. Borage seeds are an ingredient that I've heard of, but had not yet experienced. They're often used in treatment of skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis and they're also anti-inflammatory - all of this means that the scrub is ideal for all skin types, but will also be really soothing for problem areas. 

When I first opened the lid I was taken aback by the beautiful scent. The peppermint comes through with a lovely sweet undertone coming from the fruit oils. The smell is so natural and refreshing that I couldn't wait to try it. As you can see from the picture above, the scrub itself is quite a thick paste embedded with little seeds. These seeds give an exfoliating action and the size of them is perfect as they're not too big to be harsh on your skin. You apply the product by massaging the scrub into your skin when it is damp. L.OVED ORGANICS were kind enough to include a silk sponge in my package which I've been using to massage this product in and the effect is just fantastic )see picture below). I was advised to leave the scrub on my face until it starts to tingle - this let's you know that the essential oils have been working their magic on your face. At this point you then rinse it off with warm water - I like to, again, use the damp sponge to massage it off of my skin. The tingling is so pleasant and invigorating that you really feel like your skin is taking in all of the lovely ingredients in the scrub. After you've rinsed your face your skin is left feeling refreshed, supple and smooth. The exfoliation is so effective, but also very gentle so you're not left with any red patches.

It's not often that you can say you actually "enjoy" a skincare product, but I can honestly say I enjoy using this product! I love the idea of feeling a product working on your skin and then being able to see it's effectiveness immediately after.

The price is £16 for 120ml. This definitely is a luxury product which is nothing like I've ever tried before. I would 100% say it is worth the money in terms of the effect it will have on your skin. You can also rest assured that this scrub will last you an age - a little amount goes such a long way. I've been using it everyday since the start of December and you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at the contents! 

You can find the scrub on their website: here.

The second product I received is their, "Enriching Night Moisturiser" with lavender, Jojoba oils and vitamin E.

This moisturiser appealed to me on so many different leavels. I'm a restless sleeper so I am always looking for soothing products before I get into to bed. Lavender is the perfect ingredient for a night moisturiser because of its anxiolytic properties and having the scent on my face is so relaxing when I get in bed at night. Jojoba oils are another fantastic ingredient. They are gentle enough to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, but are still very effective at moisturising. If you're acne prone you may have encountered these oils in some acne products as they're ideal for balancing natural oil levels in your skin.

The moisturiser itself is definitely luxurious. It's silky smooth and applies so well to your face. It is easy to distribute evenly and soaks in quickly without leaving any greasy residue. I always find this essential for a good night time moisturiser because you don't want to lose half of the product on your pillow while you're waiting for it to sink in! It has a delightful fragrance from the lavender, but it's not too overpowering. Just like the scrub, a little goes a long way which is definitely a sign of a great quality product. In terms of moisturising power, when I wake up of a morning there is no hint of dryness on my skin whatsoever. This is amazing for me because my skin always tends to dry out overnight. I wake up with soft skin that feels hydrated and looks healthy!

The moisturiser is £18 for 120ml. I would definitely recommend treating yourself to this - it's fantastic quality and is so nourishing for your skin.

You can find this moisturiser on their website: here.

To conclude, not only have I found a great pair of products - I've also found a great brand. Organic skincare, which is cruelty free, is just a perfect concept in my eyes. They also write a really inspiring phrase on the jars which says, "Keeping The Planet Beautiful". It's clear we should be supporting these kind of brands.

I would definitely encourage you to have a look at their site! Get yourself some beautiful, luxury skincare. Check out their links below:

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