Monday 19 January 2015

Ciate: Sloaney, Sweetie

I know some people like to reserve glitter nails for special occasions, but I honestly love wearing them all year around to give a bit of sparkle to my look. Read on for my review of Ciate: Sloaney, Sweetie.

So this polish is composed of short strips of glitter in the colours: pastel pink, pale yellow and silver. What really attracted me to this is the fact that I haven't seen a polish with this combination of glitters before! The pastels give it a girly look, but the silver adds a little bit of glam so would be perfect for an evening out.

If you apply this strategically then you can get complete coverage in two coats - the brush picks up a lot of glitter each time and if you dab the brush on your nail as opposed to swiping it then you get much more glitter pay off. Another advantage of the colour combination is that if you do have any gaps in the glitter, you can't really notice it because your nail colour blends in with the pinks.

When you layer glitter polishes I always find the layer of polish becomes quite brittle - even with base and top coats. This does mean that they chip quite easily. This Ciate polish has the advantage of using strips of glitter as opposed to tiny circles as they form a supportive lattice, however this also means that if the polish does chip then the chip is larger than you might expect. I found that late on the second day I did have chips at the edges of my nails, but I had been cooking and washing so I was constantly using my hands. 

In terms of staying power, this polish isn't the best, but I imagine a lot of people would use this polish for a specific occasion - and so for that it is perfect. It's also very easy to touch up this glitter polish as it doesn't have to be neat! All-in-all, I think it's a gorgeous polish so if you're looking to have some fun and try something different then check this one out.

Thanks for reading! 

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