Sunday 4 January 2015

PurelyPuti Skincare

In early December I was introduced to PurelyPuti products and I can honestly say that the products I'm talking about in this blog have completely taken over my skincare routine! Read on for more information about that fantastic company and these gorgeous skincare products.
So I just want to begin by telling you a little bit more about the company, 'PurelyPuti Products', itself because I wholeheartedly love what they stand for. All of the products are homemade in the Scottish Highlands in small batches (so you know you're getting good quality) and the ingredients are all-natural, being organic and ethically-sourced as much as possible. Making it even better, the products are all SLS and paraben free and, also, cruelty free.

The products all arrived very quickly and were packaged so carefully - it felt like Christmas had come early while I was rummaging in the box for all my goodies! I often find that a lot of companies don't take this level of care with packaging - I receive so many things just wrapped up with a tiny-amount of protection in jiffy bags, so it was really refreshing to have this turn up at my door! 

All-Body Salt Scrub with Kosher Dead Sea Salt enriched with Unrefined Organic Shea Butter

I was so excited to try this scrub out! My arms and legs can get really dry which leaves my skin with quite a bumpy feel - as if I have goosebumps constantly. Ever since I was little the doctors would just recommend using a good scrub whenever I was in the shower, so I've used a lot of different scrub products in my time. I would genuinely say that this PurelyPuti scrub is the best all-over body scrub I have ever used and it is truly unique when you compare it to other salt scrubs.

As you can see from the pictures, the packaging is gorgeous. You get 250ml worth in this tub - which will honestly last for so long. When you open the lid you're confronted with this amazing smelling product. I'd describe the smell as quite lemony, so it's beautifully sweet, but a natural sweetness as opposed to harsh artificial sweetness. The scent reminds me a little bit of lemon mint plants, if you've ever encountered them. The one thing that I really wasn't expecting was the consistency and level of moisture you get with this scrub. In the picture below I've tried to show you this by showing you the moisture left on my fingertips after handling it:

With a lot of salt scrubs you're presented with a dry batch of particles, but this scrub is enriched with shea butter and so it feels more like a chunky paste (the salt particles giving you that chunky nature). This is such an innovative idea because the substance actually adheres to your skin as opposed to just dropping straight off like typical body salts do. The interesting nature of this scrub is that you're advised to use it on dry skin before you get in the shower/bath. The moisture in the scrub prevents any harshness while you're rubbing it on your skin and also leaves you with a lovely moisturising layer once you've rinsed off the salt. It literally feels like you have a soothing layer of protection, which I'm guessing is the shea butter, which remains after you've rinsed this off. It works really well for when you're shaving your legs as well! I haven't needed to use any extra shaving foam or anything after using this scrub and it genuinely protects me from little nicks and cuts! 

Once you get out of the shower your skin is left feeling smooth, but also moisturised. There's no greasy feel as the shea butter is absorbed readily into your skin. Also, the smell actually stays on your skin and the effect of combining this with a fruity shower gel makes you smell so good for the rest of the day! 

I would highly recommend giving this product a go. It's such an easy addition to your skin care routine - just give yourself a scrub while you're standing in the shower before you turn the water on.

It's currently priced at £10 on the website and I think this is fantastic value because this tub will last you for ages.

Click here for the product page.

Face Refine: Bamboo Antioxidant Exfoliant

I was in desperate need for a new exfoliator because I'd been using a Philosophy one, but it was just too harsh on my face and it'd give me these long-lasting red patches which didn't look or feel so great. The PurelyPuti exfoliant was such a refreshing change and has worked so much better for me. It's made with bamboo, which is really good for your skin because it's packed with minerals. I tried to take a picture of the exfoliant itself to let you see just how gentle this product is on your face. With a lot of exfoliators you can easily see the particles that are used to give you that slight abrasion - but in this exfoliant the particles are really fine. This means that you still get a really effective exfoliation, but it's a lot more gentle and I find it a lot easier to use, particularly in regions like the sides of your nose and your neck which can be a bit awkward with chunky particles. 

The packaging is also really ideal because it comes with a handy pump so you don't have to worry about squeezing and dropping a tube! You get 50ml in this tub and it currently costs £6, which is really inexpensive for such a high quality exfoliant.

Click here for the product page.

3Tea Face and Body Lotion - Scented and Unscented

In terms of specific products, PurelyPuti make products that can be used on your skin anywhere - e.g. instead of making separate face lotions and body lotions, they make a single lotion which is suitable for both! This is so convenient (and would be so useful for when you're travelling).

I have their face and body lotion in both the scented and unscented form. Oh my... the scented lotion smells incredible. It's frangipani scented which is best described by the website:

A heavy, sweet and floral, green fragrance that is very complex with an exotic hint of spice & an absolute delight to smell - sensual & stunning!

They're honestly not lying with this description! I've been using it on my face before I go to sleep and the smell is so gorgeous. It's a great scent to use for your body moisturising as well and I get lots of compliments on the smell when I use it of a morning! It's not too overpowering, but gives this lovely, subtle fragrance.

In terms of the moisturising abilities, I was massively impressed. The product is so light and silky smooth! The packaging says "apply sparingly" and this is good advice because a little bit goes such a long way! The best benefit, however, has to be how quickly this sinks into your skin. In less than 10 seconds after applying it you're left with soft, hydrated skin with no greasy residue at all. The moisture lasts too! I'll use this as a night moisturiser and I'll wake up with skin that is still fresh and hydrated!

As you can probably tell, I am loving these two lotions and would definitely urge you to check them out. They're £6 for 95ml and will last you a really good amount of time. Their packaging has the pump system as well, so you won't be wasting any product :)

Click here (Scented) and here (Unscented) for the product pages.

 Minty and Fruity Lip Moisturisers

As you've seen from my previous blogposts, I love lip balms especially at this time of year. These two additions to my collection have been so well used in the little time I've had them for and they're so effective.

The lip moisturisers come in an adorable little tin which is ideal for keeping in your handbag/pocket/clutchbag. They take up hardly any space because they're so dainty, but they're packed full of product. They both smell so great - my personal favourite is the minty moisturiser. These coat your lips really easily and it feels like you have a protective layer. It's really long-lasting so I always use it last thing at night to keep my lips from drying out during the night. It's also a great base for lipstick because it's not greasy at all! This lip balm is also designed so that you don't have to put your finger into it repeatedly. You basically hold either end of the tin and rub the balm directly on to your bottom lip a couple of times. You can then purse your lips together to distribute in all over and this stops you getting sticky fingers! 

These are only £2.50 each! They are really high quality - all you have to do is look at the ingredients to see the goodness they contain. I much prefer these to my conventional Carmex lip balms and they're cheaper! 

Click here (Minty) and here (Fruity) for the product pages.

So that's the end of this post for today, but I really urge you to have a look at the Purely Puti website because these are some of the best skin care products I've used. Links are below :) 

Hope you've enjoyed this - let me know what you think! 

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