Saturday 17 January 2015

Skin Revivals Skincare

With the aftermath of Christmas and New Years Eve my skin has definitely needed a bit of TLC. One of my New Years resolutions is to use more organic products, so I want to tell you about a fantastic natural skincare range I've been trying out that is doing wonders for my skin.

The Skin Revivals range has an advanced natural formula which is especially effective for skin that is needing a bit of extra care whether that be because of signs of aging, dehydration etc. What really attracted me to the range is that they're made from a high percentage of organically certified ingredients and contain no artifical colour or fragrances, no parabens and no primary petro-chemicals. I love using skin care like this because you can just rest assured that you're not putting anything horrible on to your face.

I've got four products from this range and I've been using them every morning and night since I got them. You can get these products from the Beauty Naturals website (here) and I'll be sure to insert links to the products as we go along in case you want to get them for yourself. Beauty Naturals is a fantastic website to go to if you love using high-quality, natural home and beauty products - so be sure to check them out! Now on to the skincare...

Harmonising Balm

The Skin Revivals Harmonising Balm is my go-to day moisturiser for a number of reasons. Firstly, the scent is gorgeous - surely a result of the white tea, rosehip and peach kernel oil which you find in this product. It's a subtle, floral scent which is lovely to use first thing in the morning. Secondly, the consistency of this lotion is beautifully light and soaks in so quickly! This is ideal for me as I don't have to wait around for it to be absorbed to put on my make-up. Thirdly, this balm contains low level UVA/UVB protection! This in particular is massively attractive to me - too much sun damage can speed up skin aging, so it's really important to protect your skin from any sun exposure. 

30ml - £4.20
100ml - £10.50
You can find this on the Beauty Naturals site: here.

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

Recently I've been having bad luck with make-up removers because I've found they've irritated my eyes and dried out my skin. As a result, I was over-the-moon when I tried this cleansing oil. It contains rosehip and avocado - the latter I was particularly excited about. I've read so many articles about the benefits of avocado for your skin in terms of the healthy fats and biotin that it contains, so I was really keen to try this oil out. In terms of the contents, rosehip and avocado is just scratching the surface. This cleansing oil also contains gold of pleasure, jojoba and rose geranium oils. These are obviously great ingredients, but what makes them better is that they are 99.67% soil association certified organic.
From using this, I was really impressed by how soothing it is on your skin, but equally how effectively it removed my make-up. I applied some of this to the circular cotton pads and just held it over my eyes for a few moments. I was then able to swipe the pad across and it removed my eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow so well. There was no tugging on the pad either, which you sometimes experience with make up removers and mascara. I didn't experience any irritation on my eyes which was so refreshing when I compared it to the stinging I would sometimes get with previous make-up removers. After removing the remainder of my make-up (foundation, lipstick etc.) I then follow their instructions to wash the oil off and even after washing the product off you're still left with hydrated skin, just without the oily residue. What I love about using this oil is just how gentle it is which is perfect for a night-time routine. I would definitely recommend trying this out - you won't regret it. 

100ml - £12.00
You can find this on the Beauty Naturals website: here.

Harmonising Tonic

This product is particularly suitable for me at the moment. I've had a lot of outbreaks since Christmas and my skin is a lot more oily than it normally is. Toners work by helping to regulate your normal oil-production and minimise your pores. You have to be careful, however as astringents (containing alcohol) can be exceptionally drying - so I tend to go for alcohol-free toners, such as this Harmonising Tonic. I've been applying this morning and night to my T-Zone as well as any regions where I have spots. I honestly think that this toner has helped speed up the process of my spots healing and it's reduced the greasiness in my T-Zone. This is great for me as my foundation lasts longer in these normally greasy areas. In a short amount of time, I've definitely seen a difference so I will definitely be continue using this twice a day! In terms of the way it applies, the toner does not take long to dry after you've used it on your face, but doesn't dry out your skin at all. Your skin just feels revived! Before we move on to the last product, I just need to quickly mentioned some of the lovely ingredients: white tea, bilberry, aloe vera, rosehip oil and white maple. There are a few more that I haven't mentioned, but these are the ones that really stand out to me! This tonic also comes with 15 circular cotton pads.

100ml and 15 cotton pads - £8.50
You can find this on the Beauty Naturals website: here.

Advanced Night Time Nourishment

Before you go to bed, it's great to treat your skin to a more intensive moisturiser to let it work it's magic overnight. A lot of night moisturisers can be quite thick and greasy, but this cream is really smooth and light. It's soothing also, with aloe vera and frankincense, so is ideal for after you've used an exfoliator to bring any redness down and it leaves your skin feeling supple and hydrated.

'Nourishment' is definitely the right word for this night cream as your skin feels so smooth and soft when you wake up in the morning after use this. Rosehip, olive fruit oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and flax seed oil are a few more of the ingredients you'll find in this cream, but see the website for a full list.

50ml - £16.00
You can find this on the Beauty Naturals website: here.

I really hope you go away and consider trying out some more organic products like these as I truly believe cutting out the harsh chemicals you find in conventional skin products has been fantastic for my skin. The Skin Revivals range is a really high quality range which includes so much more than just what I've featured here. Like I said, you can purchase these and read more about them on the Beauty Naturals website. You can find the Skin Revivals website: here, also.

I really hope you've enjoyed reading this review :) Be sure to comment and let me know what you think of these products!

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