Friday 29 May 2015

Oxygenetix: Oxygenating Foundation

When it comes to foundation I want a long-lasting, full coverage product that won't look cakey and won't give me break outs. Unfortunately, I've spent years trying countless different options and have never got the desired finish... until now, that is. I know that a lot of women struggle to find their perfect match when it comes to foundation, so I wanted to take the time to introduce you to 'Oxygenetix' - a foundation originally used to help help and conceal skin after cosmetic surgeries and treatments, but is now used worldwide by make-up artists, particularly on film sets when they need a long-lasting cover. When I first heard of it, I thought it sounded too good to be true, but amazingly it surpassed by expectations massively. 

Read on to hear about my experience...

What makes Oxygenetix stand out from all of the other foundations that I've tried is the fact that it's a medically-based product; basically, it's a high end make-up product that also has skin care benefits. The key ingredient is Ceravitae TM which is a super charged oxygen complex that promotes collagen cell production and connective tissue growth. So you can understand why it was used after cosmetics procedures as the Ceravitae actively helps to regenerate the wounded skin, but this use can also apply for aging skin so it's a perfect anti-aging foundation option. Some of the other skin-loving ingredients you'll find in 'Oxygenetix' are Vitamin E, Green Tea, Hyaluronic acid and Glycerin and an added bonus is that it contains SPF25 UVA/UVB protection.

From further reading, I learnt that 'Oxygenetix' is an aloe vera gel based foundation as opposed to being water-based like most other foundations. The benefit of this is that it provides anti-bacterial properties that will prevent any vulnerable areas of your skin whilst also acting as an astringent to remove dead surface cells. For me, this is ideal as I have the most annoying dry patches on my face and normally my foundation will just stick to it and stand out as looking very patchy, but with 'Oxygenetix' it actively removes the dried out cells leaving me with a much smoother finish.

Shade wise, you can choose from 14 different shades which are made up of 7 yellow base colours and 7 blue base colours. It really does make all the difference when matching your foundation to pick one with a suitable base colour, but unfortunately many foundations don't give you this option. The shade that I have is pearl and it suits me perfectly.

In the left hand side picture I'm wearing no foundation at all so you can compare. In the centre picture I have 'Oxygenetix' on the left half of my face. In the right hand side picture I have 'Oxygenetix' all over. I have no primer on and this is one thin layer. 
As you can see I have a lot of red patches on my skin, particularly on my cheeks, but the foundation really evens out my skin tone, but looks very natural. The finish is ideal - not shiny at all (as is oil-free), but still leaves you with a glow. The fact that I got this without a primer and with only one layer left me feeling very impressed!
The best thing about 'Oxygenetix' though, in my opinion, is it's longevity. I'm always rushing around and on my bike, so I'm used to having to top up my foundation of an afternoon due to perspiration and wear. I honestly didn't have to touch my face all day - even after an extra long cycle, and, remember, that's without a primer! It's also a 'breathable' foundation so it feels lightweight on your skin and doesn't block your pores. You can also exercise with it on because it lets your skin breathe - you won't feel your face burning up underneath!
 For someone that has long days at work then I would really recommend 'Oxygenetix' - it's so reassuring to know that your foundation is looking good, all day long.

Finally, blush, bronzer and highlighter all set beautifully on top of the foundation and you'll notice that they'll last so much longer with 'Oxygenetix' as a base. Also, if you're someone who has sensitive skin then you can still use this - it's hypoallergenic and, as someone who has easily irritable skin, I can vouch that it's suitable for those of us that are more sensitive! 

The list of celebrities that use 'Oxygenetic' is pretty extensive and includes the Kardashians, Melissa McCarthy and the Glee Cast! It's definitely a high-quality foundation and I just know that you wouldn't be disappointed if you gave it a try.

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