Thursday 4 June 2015

Exuviance: 'Matte Perfection Primer' and 'Age Less Everyday Moisturiser'

A huge trend at the moment is the "no make-up" look and whilst it's great to embrace the natural look, it definitely puts more of an emphasis on having healthy, clear skin. To try and achieve the oh-so-desired glowing skin look, I've been trying out two new products in my skincare and make-up routine from 'Exuviance'. They're my favourite kind of product in that they have a multitude of uses and this is the result of the clever combination of ingredients. 
Read on to hear more about the products and my experience with them...

I first heard of Exuviance back in April, which was 'Rosacea Awareness Month'. Although I'm lucky enough not to suffer with rosacea, it was great to see that different skincare brands were getting involved and were ensuring their ranges had products that were suitable for rosacea-sufferers. Exuviance was one such brand and they were able to offer great suggestions because they're a dermatologist-devloped skincare company. In fact, Exuviance have many different skincare lines which include products designed especially for your particular skin type - something that really impressed me - so whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, aging etc. there is something for you.
At present my skin is combination, but my exams have led me to having intense breakouts in the more oily regions of my face like my T-zone. The excess oil also reduces the lasting power of my foundation significantly - which is never good! To try and combat this I've been using the 'Matte Perfection' primer...

Matte Perfection: Pore-Minimising Primer

The idea behind the 'Matte Perfection' primer is to create a matte finish by absorbing excess oils on your skin, whilst also minimising the appearance of pores. It is also supposed to have a more long-lasting effect as the mandelic acid (an AHA) ingredient actively regulates oil production which is ideal if you suffer from greasy skin. The primer will also help to smooth your skin and improve areas of uneven pigmentation as it contains gluconolactone (a PHA). This ingredient also provides anti-aging benefits by reducing fine lines. So although it's part of your make-up routine, it's doubling as part of your skincare routine. 

When it comes to primer, I often find myself using a silicone-based one such as 'Maybelline's Baby Skin', but the only problem is that it can feel heavy on my skin. The 'Matte Perfection', on the other hand, is an oil-free gel which makes it feel incredibly light-weight on your skin. It really is an ideal base as it prevents you from experiencing that "cakey" feeling when you're layering your make-up. To me it feels like a very light moisturiser which is easy to distribute and quick to sink in.

The claims of this product is that it creates an "instant matte finish" and, unfortunately, I haven't experienced an "instant matte" effect. When applying it I can genuinely see a blurring effect, particularly around my T-zone, which makes any enlarged pores look a lot smaller, but I don't really see any significant decrease in shine. Although I'm not getting that instant matte effect, I definitely think that it is helping to maintain the matte finish of my foundation once I've applied that and I'm sure that's because it's preventing further oil production. It's priming abilities are also really great - it definitely keeps my make-up on for longer and I'm left with really soft skin at the end of the day when I finally take my make-up off.

The website states that "77% of users reported reduced oil and shine after 4 weeks of using this...", and so I'll be really interested to see if I notice this change in the same period of time. I can see that it works on a daily basis, so it would be great to see if it'll help in the long-term.

Finally, the 'Matte Perfection' is non-comedogenic, non-acnegic, fragrance-free, dye-free, paraben-free and dematologist and allergy tested. I would definitely recommend this as a great base for your make-up. If you're going to wear a primer anyway, why not use one that is going to regulate your shine and give you some anti-aging benefits. 

Find out more about the 'Matte Perfection' primer on the Exuviance website: here.

Age Less Everyday: Daily Moisturiser and De-Ager

It's often hard to find an anti-aging moisturiser that is suitable for extremely sensitive skin, but the 'Age Less Everyday' cream is just that. This was one of the products that Exuviance suggested for rosacea-sufferers back in April and I couldn't wait to give it a try. Not only does it claim to correct signs of aging, but it also actively protects against future aging from everyday damage which people with sensitive skin are particularly vulnerable to.

The wonder-ingredient here is the PHA and Bionic Acid Complex which, although gentle, is really effective. It helps to preserve collagen and strengthen our skin's protective barrier, whilst also stimulating cell turnover to speed up repair of damaged or aging skin. The moisturiser also contains potent multi-antioxidants to prevent damage due to free radicals, Lilac and Grape Seed Extracts and, also, vitamin E. 

The formula of the moisturiser is beautifully light and feels very refreshing when you apply it - ideal to use as a daily moisturiser to wake your skin up of a morning! It instantly hydrates and, due to it being oil-free, doesn't leave a greasy residue. In fact, I was really impressed by how quickly this sinks in and it's so great not having to wait around before you can apply make-up on top!

Moisturising is essential to your skin and this one will give you extra protection against damage and aging. I'd highly recommend for all skin types, but particularly for those with sensitive skin.

Find out more about the 'Age Less Everyday' moisturiser on the Exuviance website: here.

To conclude, I've been really impressed by these two products and can't wait to explore what else Exuviance has to offer. If you're looking to give your skin some extra nourishment and TLC then definitely give Exuviance a go.

For more information check out their website and social media:

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