Thursday 11 June 2015

Summer Lip Colours

With the summer fast approaching it's time to switch up those deep berry lips to brighter and lighter alternatives. Here are 5 lipsticks from my collection that I've been reaching for the most during these sunnier days...

MUA Matte: Peachy Keen

MUA is one of my favourite brands because they provide super affordable substitutes for more high-end products. I was so glad to see that they'd jumped on the 'matte lippy' bandwagon earlier in the year and this was the first from the line that I tried. The shade is 'Peachy Keen' and is the perfect blend of pink and coral. It's an ideal shade to begin with if you want to begin trying more coral and orange lip colours, but are a little scared. The matte finish makes it a great lippy to wear on an everyday basis for work etc., but just be aware you're going to need fully hydrated lips if you want it to apply smoothly. The matte formula will stick to any dry patches so I'd recommend a cheeky exfoliation and a good layer of lip balm before applying. 
I've also found that this is a great lipstick to mix with darker colours to give them more of a summery feel or to tone down some ultra-glossy lipsticks. 

theBalm: Ima Goodkisser

This lipstick is from theBalm 'ladies' line and it became one of my favourite lipsticks after using it for the very first time. The formula of this lipstick is fantastic. It's creamy enough to apply really smoothly, but not too creamy that it'll easily rub off. The lipstick has peppermint oil in it which gives you a lovely, fresh feeling. I know that some people don't like the tingling effect of peppermint, but it's really not that overpowering! The colour of 'Ima Goodkisser' is a light pink with a peachy tone. It does have a subtle shimmer to it, but I find that this just gives you an extra shine to your lips. 

I reviewed this lipstick earlier in the year in conjunction with theBalm's anti-shine translucent powder. You can check it out: here.

Topshop Beauty: Innocent

This shade, 'Innocent', is an old favourite of mine and it seems Topshop think so too as they've re-released it as part of their '5 Years of Beauty' range. I've been a fan of Topshop make-up for quite a while and it all began with this lipstick. Not only is the packaging absolutely adorable, but the formula is really moisturising too. For a pale shade, this is really pigmented and I actually find it a lot easier to wear than a lot of other nude-pinks I own. Although it's probably classes as a pale pink, it does seem to have a hint of lilac to it.

If you'd like to see some more of Topshop's beauty range then check out my latest Topshop beauty haul: here.

Maybelline Colorsensational: Peach Juice

This one is perfect for those of you who prefer sheer lipsticks as opposed to a full on opaque colour. The 'Colorsensational' line gives you a pretty wash of colour with a glossy finish. You get the shine of the gloss, but without the stickiness and with an additional moisturising element. Plus, the packaging is so cool! 'Peach Juice' is a lovely sheer coral colour that you can wear on it's own for a more natural look or pair it on top of another lipstick to add something a bit special to the look.

Glo & Ray: Coral Whisper

This is one of my favourite lipsticks to wear for an evening out in the summer. It gives you glamour with a pop of colour and always makes me think of sitting out in the evening sun in Spain with my shades on. The shade name is 'Coral Whisper' and I'd describe the colour as a deep orange. Although it might sound scary, it's actually really flattering as it definitely has a pinky-reddish tone to it. The formula of the Glo & Ray lipsticks are, like everything else from that brand, high quality and luxurious. The formula feels so lightweight, yet moisturising, on your lips and the pigmentation is just incredible. 

What are your favourite shades for the summer?

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