Monday 8 June 2015

Nailbox Unboxing: May 2015

May 2015 gives us the second ever 'nailbox' - a subscription service based exclusively on your nails. The cost is £15 a month (including delivery), but the service costs less if you choose an up-front subscription e.g. it only costs £13.50 a month if you choose a years subscription. In each box you'll receive 5 products which will be made up of 3/4 nail polishes and 1/2 nail tools or treatments - plus, you'll never receive the same item twice. In terms of value, I think this subscription is a great deal. At the most expensive price, you're looking at £3 a product and the items individually cost far more than that! 

I absolutely loved the April box (see my review: here) and the May box is just as good... if not better! Read on to see what the box contains and plenty of swatches! 

I also have a video of this unboxing which you can find on youtube: here.

Each month, the colours are specially chosen to suit the current trends and fashions, as well as being suitable for that time of the year. For me, I love the 'nailbox' because it gives me a way of trying out new colours and types of polishes that I might not normally pick up from the shops. The May box has polishes perfect for this transition time between Spring and Summer and also contains a tool that'll make taking part in the current nail trends that bit easier.

On to the products...

Essie: Status Symbol

First off, we have a gorgeous polish from 'essie' in the shade, 'Status Symbol'. There's something about 'essie' packaging that I just adore! I think it's the white bottle top and lettering that just really stands out and appeals to me. In combination with this pretty pink shade it's just even more appealing!

'Status Symbol' is a lovely, hot pink colour which will brighten up any look. I love this type of colour because it'll work for any skin tone and look really flattering whenever you want that 'pop' of colour for your outfit. It's also a great shade for your toes as well when you're off to the beach!

In terms of the formula of the polish, I was really impressed. This is a two-coater, but only requires two thin coats to reach opacity. It's not too sheer, but is still really easy to apply. In terms of staying power, I wore this for 5 days without any chipping, which is impressive by my standards!

The overall finish is very glossy, which I love in a polish. (All of these pictures have been taken without a top-coat, also - just to keep in mind!). I would definitely recommend this one - a gorgeous shade.

Nicole by OPI: Alex by the Books

 I was probably most excited about trying this varnish because I've never tried any of the 'Nicole by OPI' products. I'm a huge fan of OPI, but have never found myself purchasing one of these. Extra excitement came from the fact that this seems to be from their 'Modern Family' edition - a show that I am obsessed with! 

The shade is, 'Alex by the Books', and it's a pastel mint green. This shade reminds me so much of Spring, but equally would look so good with a tan in the Summer months! These pastel shades are incredibly versatile as they'll go with whatever outfit you're wearing.

I've never been disappointed with an OPI polish and, once again, I wasn't disappointed. This is another two-coater, but, again, applies really easily. With the first coat you will see streaking, but, to be honest, that's to be expected with such a light shade. However, the streaks are completely eliminated on the second coat and you're left with an opaque, full-looking finish. 

The brightness of the colour really transfers from the bottle on to your nail and you're left with a very on-trend set of nails! This one is probably my favourite in the May box.

Rimmel 60 Seconds: Lucky Lilac

 Rimmel is another company that makes great nail polish, but I've never tried any of their, '60 seconds' range. The shade that you get in the 'nailbox' is, 'Lucky Lilac' - a beautiful, light purple.

Just like the OPI polish, this is a shade that I could imagine wearing in both the Spring and the Summer. I can also think of some great nail art looks that would really work with the colour.

This polish is another two-coater, but applying it is a dream because of how fast it dries. It's also chip-resistant for a good few days without a top-coat!

This is an ideal shade for anyone that wants to embrace their girliness, but doesn't want anything too bright.

ORLY Color Blast: Fiery Orange

 This polish is absolutely stunning to look at in the bottle. It's full of chunky glitters as well as fine strips of glitter and, finally, orange shimmer.

What really impressed me with this nail polish is that you don't need to apply a base colour first - the orange background of this glitter polish is pigmented enough to give you an opaque base to cover your nail. This minimises the need to have ridiculous numbers of layers which never ends well! In fact, I only needed two coats to give the desired finish.

As you can see from the picture, the end result looks like a shimmery orange base with glitter scattered over-top. In my honest opinion, this would look so much better on longer nails. Mine are, sadly, very short because I've only just finished my exams and I always bite my nails when stressed (terrible, I know). At the end of this post I've attached a picture of the polishes swatched on a colour wheel so you can see what I mean about it being better on longer nails.

Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner

 This months tool is one that is useful to me in so many ways. It's a 'cuticle pusher and nail cleaner' from 'Elegant Touch'. The tool itself is dual ended and has a ribbed centre-covering for extra grip.

The curved, spoon-like end is the cuticle pusher. After soaking your nails to soften the cuticles,  you can use this end to gently push them back. Another use for this end is for removing gel nails! 
The opposite end is the nail cleaner which allows you to clean under and around the nail. I've also been using it for tidying up when I'm applying nail wraps. It gives a much neater finish than when I use a nail file!

To conclude, I absolutely adored this box. The colours really make me want to embrace Spring fashions, but also get me excited for the Summer months ahead. I think that the people over at 'nailbox' put so much thought into their selections and it really shows!

If you're interested in finding out more about 'nailbox' or subscribing then be sure to check out their website or their social media. I'll drop the links below:



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