Thursday 7 May 2015

5 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil with JĀSÖN

When it comes to beauty it's rare to find a multi-purpose product. Take moisturisers for example; we buy seperate creams for our eyes, face, body, hands, feet etc. Most beauty products have one use and one use alone... but I've found an alternative multi-tasker which will contribute in so many ways to your beauty routine and it's completely natural. Let me introduce you to coconut oil...

Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel of coconut palm and is an incredibly versatile oil. I'm sure you've heard of it being used in cooking, but it's also hugely beneficial for health and beauty. I have my big, 443ml tub of virgin, organic coconut oil from JĀSÖN which is from their newly launched coconut range. Their range also includes a smoothing coconut body wash and a hand & body lotion - but I wanted to give the pure oil a try.

As you can see from the picture, the oil comes in a solidified form, but it honestly melts at your touch. To use it in it's liquid form just requires a little heating - not hard at all. 

Before I get on to showing you how I've been using the oil, I just wanted to explain what it is that makes coconut oil so nourishing for your body. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which are not only improve the health of your skin cells, but also actively protect them from further damage. Coconut oil also retains more water that most other oils so is one of the best to use in terms of hydration... The best thing by far though, in my opinion, has to be the scent. It's truly delicious! 

Now on to the beauty-uses!

Make-Up Remover

Since moving away from make-up wipes and on to cleansing solutions, I find myself spending a fortune each month on new bottles. Little did I know, my handy tub of coconut oil provides me with a gentle, but just as effective, alternative. 

Using a cotton pad, I collected a thin layer of oil and proceeded to rub it over my make-up. It lifts off eye-shadow, lipstick, eyeliner and foundation all effortlessly with a simple swipe. To remove my mascara I just held the cotton pad over my eyelashes for a few seconds to give the oil time to sink into the product - I was then able to remove it in a clean sweep, without any tugging! 
A major advantage of using oil to remove your makeup is that you're left with hydrated skin... There's nothing worse than a make-up remover that drys your skin out and leaves you itching for a moisturiser as soon as you've finished. It's also ideal for anyone with sensitive skin; my eyes are so sensitive to make-up removers, but the oil is so gentle that I have no problem at all.  
After removing your make-up you can either leave the remaining oil on your face (don't worry, all of the make-up would have been removed by the pad!) to moisturise or you can go ahead and wash it off with some warm water before continuing with your skincare routine.

 Make-Up Brush Cleaner

As sad as this sounds, this was probably one of the most exciting ways I found of using coconut oil. Washing my make-up brushes is such a chore and can get expensive if you use official brush cleansers. I normally use baby shampoo - which works well, but takes a lot of time. The coconut oil, on the other hand, takes no time at all...

To clean my brushes I decant a little bit of the oil and either warm the container in my hands or leave it on top of the radiator/in the sun for a few seconds. When the oil is in its liquid form I the dip my brush in for a couple of seconds to let the oil soak in amongst the bristles. Even at this stage you'll start to see the makeup leaking out into the oil. I then go back and forward over a paper towel with the brush until all of the sediment is removed. Afterwards, I rinsed the brushes offs and then left them to dry. Not only is this method quick, but it's also great for your brushes - the oil won't dry out the bristles and make them brittle like some cleaning products will. 

Nail and Cuticle Care

This use is probably one of the most well known, alongside using the coconut oil as a moisturiser. Once a week I like to give my nails some TLC and the oil is a great way to do this.

After I've taken off my nail polish for the week, I like to smooth a tiny bit of coconut oil over my cuticles and my nails. I then leave it the oil to do it's work and sink in naturally. This really helps to keep your nails looking healthy - especially after any damage caused by nail polish or remover - and keep your cuticles soft and hydrated. 

Hair Care

Forget your hair masks or your expensive conditioners... coconut oil will do everything they do and more! 

Coconut oil has been shown to actively reduce protein loss from your hair, retaining it's strength and protecting from split ends. I've been using coconut oil as an overnight hair mask - when I know I'm going to be washing my hair in the morning I'll smooth coconut oil all over my hair, but particularly focusing on the ends. In the morning I'll wash it all out of my hair and the effects are just incredible. Your hair is left silky smooth with a natural, glossy shine. You can also use it like any other hair oil - whilst your hair is wet, smooth some on to the ends. It'll also help protect your hair from the heat if you're going to blow dry it. 

A Base for DIY Beauty Products

I love trying my hand at making my own face masks and body scrubs, but these all require a good base. More often than not, I'll use honey - but this can get a little sticky. Coconut oil is ideal though - richly moisturising and easy to mix in with things! Try adding a little sugar to make your own lip or body scrub, or crush some aspirin tablets in to make a salicylic acid face mask.

There really are so many uses for coconut oil, but these are the 5 that I've found most useful lately. I didn't talk about using it as a moisturiser as that's one of the beauty uses it's most known for and I wanted to share something new with you. JĀSÖN are experts at skincare, so if you're interested in trying some coconut skincare then I can't recommend them highly enough. 

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