Sunday 10 May 2015

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty: Nail Lacquer in 'Lady Joan'

When I heard that Joan Collins was launching a new beauty range, 'Timeless Beauty', I couldn't wait to see what it had in store for us. The range includes skin care, fragrance and cosmetics and all comes in the most beautiful packaging inspired by Hollywood glitz and art deco.

Joan Collins is a queen of glamour so I just had to try out a couple of her products. The first, which I'll talk about in this blog post, is one of nail lacquers. Read on to hear all about it and see some swatches...

The nail lacquers in this range come in the most unique bottle. The shape is somewhat pyramidal with a gorgeous 'crystal-like' shape at the base with angled surfaces. It just screams glamour and is so luxurious that it would look gorgeous on any vanity table. The brush handle is gold and ribbed which not only looks elegant, but also makes the polish really easy to apply with the improved grip. 

The shade that I have is 'Lady Joan' and is described as:

"...a flirtatious fuchsia with a hit of pearlescence, this luscious raspberry pink gives nails a look that is oh-so desirable."

The colour is a deep pink, but with a slight tilt of the bottle you can see a slight blue shift. This underlying blue tone gives a richness to the polish and makes the colour so unique. An additional benefit is that colours like this can be worn all year around - they're colourful enough for the spring and summer, but the berry-tone also suits the colder months.

Applying the polish is so easy - the handle gives you a lot more balance than you get with conventional brushes so you can a more precise coating. The lacquer itself is very pigmented, but I would recommend two coats to give complete opacity on the nails. Incidentally, layering the polish is a breeze - it doesn't go streaky or patchy, just settles to give you a smooth surface. Once dry, the finish of the polish is glossy, even without a top coat, so wears well by itself. However, adding a top coat really makes the subtle pearlescence show through even more, as well as making your polish last longer.

One of the great things about this beauty range is that the nail lacquers and lipsticks were made to match eachother (matching nail and lip colours is one of Joan's top tips!) - so there's also a 'Lady Joan' lipstick (click here to see it). 
I have to say, I'm really impressed by this nail lacquer and I think it would make the most amazing gift. The bottle and the colour are both just so elegant - it definitely looks like a luxurious product! At the moment there are 8 different shades - so you're sure to find a colour to suit you.

As well as the nail lacquer, I'm also trying the Class Act: Lash Growth Booster - an eyelash treatment to help your lashes grow longer and faster. Look out on my blog for a review soon :)

Be sure to check out the Joan Collins Beauty website: here.

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