Tuesday 5 May 2015

Ilcsi Organic Skincare: Moisturiser and Masks

I love finding brands that make natural skincare, but Ilcsi takes 'natural' to a whole new level! Their skincare range is made from high quality organic ingredients including fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, most of which are grown on their own organic plantation. They rely on the abilities of the fresh ingredients themselves to nourish the skin and, for that reason, you won't find any parabens, paraffin oils, vaseline or colourings in their products - basically, there's no nasties! Their huge respect for nature also shows through the fact that they are completely cruelty free and do not use any animal-based materials. Their products truly are one-of-a-kind and I've been blown away by how luxurious and effective they are - read on to hear a bit more about Ilcsi and the three products I've been trying...
Ilcsi, originally known as 'Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs', has an inspiring story that all began with Aunt Ilcsi who used herbs to create effective cosmetics. In 1984 she began the family business and over the decades Ilcsi has grown to be an internationally-known company with a range of more than 140 products. I've been trying out three skincare items from their range and I've honestly never used products that feel as pure and natural before. The combination has definitely been working because my skin is feeling and looking good - surprising considering I have my 3rd year medical exams in 3 weeks!

Let me tell you a bit more about what I've been trying...

Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Whip Moisturiser

I remember reading the name of this moisturiser for the first time and just thinking how inviting it sounded. Sour cherries have such a rich scent that I thought they would be perfect for an indulgent moisturiser... I was definitely right! I can't even put into words how great this smells, but the sour cherry scent comes through so clearly that it makes my mouth water! 

The moisturiser is a "whip moisturiser" which means it beautifully light and spreads over your skin so easily. This formulation actually absorbs the fruit and herb acids more efficiently, which is why they're used, while maintaining an environment to conserve the natural ingredients. I've been using this both morning and night as it's versatile enough to work as both a day and night moisturiser. It applies smoothly and sinks in quickly, but leaves your skin feeling instantly hydrated and supple. A little goes a long way with this moisturiser, but you still get a subtle fruity scent emanating from your skin which acts as a perfume in itself. In terms of the ingredients, it's full of flavonoids (hear more about these later) from the sour cherry and has a high mineral and iron content coming from the blackthorn. Together these help to hydrate your skin and stimulate regeneration of any damaged areas. It's also incredibly vitamin rich, so will help you achieve radiant skin.

Flavonoid Extra Mask + Apricot Gel Mask

I also received two sample pots containing a couple of the Ilcsi masks. Face masks are easily my favourite part of my skin care routine - the perfect way to relax whilst pampering your skin. 

The pots on the left of the pictures contain the "Flavonoid Extra Mask". Flavonoids are plant metabolites which are used for cell signalling and have antioxidant effects - they're essential for plant health, but also work wonders for our skin! As well as the flavonoids, this mask also contains blackcurrant, elderberry and melon giving it an extra delicious scent! Ilcsi describe the mask as being ideal for use on stressed, pale and tired skin as it will help promote collagen and elasticity whilst increasing circulation to your skin to give it more "life". This really felt like a treat when I was applying it to my skin - very luxurious. After 15 minutes I rinsed it off and, even after just one use, my skin definitely felt more refreshed and supple. I can imagine using this twice a week would do wonders for dull-looking skin!

The pots on the right of the pictures contain the "Apricot Gel Mask" - another product that smells good enough to eat. The apricot provides a rich source of fruit sugars, fruit acids and pectines which are highly nourishing for your skin. The mask is also full of vitamin C which will not only give your skin cells a dose of TLC but will also help regenerate damaged skin. This mask, in particular, is perfect for oil-, water- and vitamin-deficient skin, so is ideal if you're sufferering from dry and dehyrdrated skin. Even though it's a mask, it definitely feels hydrating when you apply it and that feeling remains throughout the whole course of wearing it. It honestly felt rejuvinating, right from the first moments of applying it and the fruity scent is enough to leave you feeling refreshed on it's own!

I really can't recommend Ilcsi highly enough - their products are so indulgent, whilst also being 100% natural... they're just a dream come true! I've only scratched the surface with showing you what they have to offer so be sure to check out their website for more information.


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