Tuesday 12 May 2015

Earthnicity Minerals: Foundation and Velvet HD Finishing Powder

'Eathnicity Minerals' is a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly company that produces all-natural mineral make-up... and when I say 'all-natural', I really mean it! Their make-up is made up of 100% pure minerals, without any of the chemicals or artificial ingredients that you'll often find in drugstore products. As someone who is very breakout-prone, I can really appreciate the importance of avoiding these "nasty" ingredients - it's so counter-intuitive when you put on make-up to cover up blemishes, when you know the make-up itself will just give you more! Luckily, you don't have to worry about this with the 'Earthnicity' products, so I've been trying out their mineral foundation and their velvet HD finishing powder - read on to hear more...

The first thing that I noticed when looking at the 'Earthnicity Minerals' website was the sheer number of shade options that they provide. I have very pale skin, so I always have to go for the lightest shade of foundation when I'm shopping. However, in the majority of cases the lightest shade just isn't light enough for me. I was so impressed to see that on the 'Earthnicity' site there were 3 options for my very pale skin: alabaster, porcelain and natural light. Natural light probably corresponds to the lightest shade that you'll see in the drugstore, but alabaster and porcelain are that bit lighter with alabaster suiting someone with more yellow-based skin and porcelain suiting someone with more pink-based skin. 

The slogan for the company is, 'beauty for all the colours of the world', which reflects their aim to produce make-up for all ethnicities. I've seen at first-hand how well they tend to pale skin, but looking through the website shades I can see that they've catered so well for all skin tones and have really taken into account undertones too to suit you perfectly.

Before I tell you about the two products that I've been using, I just wanted to quickly show you what the packaging looks like. My two powders came boxed up (see the title picture for the box) and within you get a jar with a transparent bottom to let you see the product and shade. 

The pot comes fitted with a sifter so you can tap out some product into the lid when you want to use it. This ensures you don't waste any product and so is a worthwhile little device! If you've never used mineral powders before, then please don't be scared - powders are so easy to work with, especially when they're as finely milled as the 'Earthnicity' powders. I apply my powders with a brush and have found them to work well with both oily or dry skin - they're so versatile. 

Now, on to the products!

Mineral Foundation in shade: Porcelain

If you like a matte finish, but don't like having to wear heavy make-up, then this foundation is most definitely for you. With one layer of this powder you achieve a natural-looking, matte finish. The powder itself is incredibly fine which makes it easy to buff and blend all over your face. It can also be layered  and built up to get more coverage, if need be, without it getting patchy or 'cakey'.

I've included some pictures of me applying the foundation below. In the first picture, I have no foundation on at all. In the second picture, I have foundation on the left hand-side of my face. In the third, my whole face has foundation on. I was only applying one layer of foundation. As you can tell, it really evened out my skin tone and gave me a shine-free finish. It might be hard to tell from the pictures, but it also covered up my blemishes beautifully. Pretty amazing from just one thin layer of powder! 

What impressed me most was just how light-weight this foundation is. It honestly feels like you haven't got anything on your face, which is so refreshing! 

Like I mentioned earlier, I apply my powders with a brush and this foundation was so easy to apply. You can also apply concealer, blush and bronzer so easily on top of it - it won't go patchy and will blend flawlessly. I actually find it a lot easier to blend my blush and bronzer on top of a powder foundation as opposed to a liquid! 

There are so many different shades, so if you're interested in this foundation then you can find it on the Earthnicity website: here.

Velvet HD Finishing Powder

This powder has been a lifesaver for my under-eyes! My dark circles have been taking over lately with my late night revision sessions and so I've been piling on the concealer. The concealers I've been using are very creamy and so will easily sink into any fine lines without any powder on top. This finishing powder is honestly one of the smoothest powders I've ever encountered. It transforms my creamy, concealer-coated undereyes into a smooth, set surface that will keep my concealer on all day long and won't mess with my eyeliner and eyeshadow!

I'll also use this all over my face of a morning to give a little soft focus effect to my skin (diguising blemishes and lines!) and I'll also use it to help mattify and refresh my face during the day if I get a bit shiney. It works just as well over powder foundation or liquid - another advantage of this versatile product! 

This powder doesn't contain glitter or shimmer - it's just a pure powder that will give you a natural-looking, subtle glow which will last the day.  

You can find the Velvet HD finishing powder on the Earthnicity website: here.

As you can probably tell, I've been so impressed with these two products. They both are really long-wearing and feel so kind on my skin. I would highly recommend checking out the 'Earthnicity Minerals' make-up range as I've honestly just scratched the surface! Be sure to have a look at the links below if you're interested in finding out more:

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