Monday 4 May 2015

Organii: Aloe Vera & Bamboo Shower Gel

This year I really want to explore organic and natural skincare, so I was really excited to find a company called "Organii" who pride themselves on making just that. Researching the brand just led me to become impressed further as I discovered how ethical they are - in both manufacturing and in terms of being suitable for vegans. Their skincare range includes soaps, sun screens and shower gels, but they also make plasters and mouthwasges and will be introducing some more great "everyday" products soon. I've recently been trying one of their shower gels with great results. Read on to hear more...  

The newly launched shower gel range from Organii has six enticing varieties: Strawberry, Peach, Argan, Shea Butter, Liquorice and, lastly, the one I've been using, Aloe Vera & Bamboo. Now, I usually choose my shower gels based on scent alone, but I realised that I should make my body wash products just another step in my skincare routine - I should use something that's actually going to do something for my skin, other than make it smell nice. Organii describe this shower gel as being "sensitive and hydrating"... just what I need! 

I doubt I need to talk much about the nurturing abilities of Aloe Vera for your skin as I'm sure you've all heard about it. I've found that this gel is particularly soothing for after you've shaved/epilated your legs as the Aloe Vera helps to calm down any damaged areas of skin (just like when you use it for sun burn). Bamboo, also, offers anti-irritant properties, but also is a rich source of silica and this actively helps your skin absorb essential minerals. In fact, bamboo extract is an ingredient often recommended for those suffering with eczema and psoriasis.

I could describe the effect of this shower gel in one word - refreshing. It has a light, sweet - almost citrus-y - scent, which isn't too overpowering, but leaves your a pleasant aroma afterwards. The gel itself is completely transparent and lathers up like a dream. A little definitely goes a long way! Alongside these advantages, it also works like a treat too. You're left feeling thoroughly cleansed with "awake" skin!

After trying this one, I can't wait to give the other varieties a try. These shower gels are gentle enough to be used by everyone in the family, but effective enough to get the job done!

To find out more information about Organii be sure to check out their website:
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Their products are available at selected health food stores (such as Planet Organic and Whole Food stores), pharmacies and online from

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