Wednesday 20 May 2015

Braun Face: Cleansing Brush + Mini Epilator

Sometimes, no matter how good your cleanser or face wash is, you're left feeling like you've hardly scratched the surface with your skin care routine. Often, I'll spend ages massaging cleanser into my skin hoping it'll penetrate those pores, but afterwards I'm still left with those scary black-heads and flakey, dry skin. Luckily, I've found something that has completely revolutionised my skin care routine and has finally given me the results that I've been looking for: Braun Face - the world's first cleansing brush & mini-epilator. Read on to hear all about my experience...

One of the reasons why Braun is my favourite company for beauty electricals is because they're so great at making multi-functional products. For example, a while ago I reviewed their Silk Epil 7 Skin Spa which not only epilates, but also has shaving functions and exfoliating functions (review here). Similarly, Braun Face is a cleansing brush, but with a quick change of head becomes a facial epilator. Over the last few weeks I've been trying out both of these functions and I have been hugely impressed - this is definitely my favourite beauty product of 2015 so far. 

So let me tell you all about it! 

I'll start by talking about it's use in your cleansing routine. The cleansing brush itself is packed with very fine fibres and when you turn the device on micro-oscillations generate movement. To use it, I first wet the brush and wet my face. You can then apply your cleanser/face wash either directly on to the brush or onto your face. I've tried out both and they're both just as effective, but I now prefer to dot my cleanser all over my face first - just to make sure I'll get an even coverage. After turning the device on, I move the brush around my face doing small circular movements as I go. This process is actually really relaxing - although the brush has an exfoliating action, it feels incredibly soft and gentle on your skin. In fact, I didn't have any red patches on my skin afterwards, which is rare because I have incredibly sensitive skin! I could honestly see the effects of using this device immediately. Firstly, I had a shock to see how much make-up and impurities it had picked up... Before cleansing I always use my micellar water to completely remove everything from my face - so the cleansing brush had really gotten deep into my skin to clear any remainder out. Secondly, I saw an instant reduction in my black heads - after just one use. It really was incredible. My nose is always covered in pesky black heads, but ever since using this cleansing brush I've noticed a reduction in the size and in the overall number of them on both my nose and cheeks.
The box claims that the device is 6x better than manual cleansing... and I definitely agree! 

Another quick point to mention is that the Braun Face is completely waterproof - meaning you can use it in your shower! This is so ideal for anyone who finds themself short of time - you can still get an effective skin care routine, even if you're doing it while washing your hair! 

You're advised to change your brush head every 3 months to ensure you're getting the best performance out of the device. In the pack you'll get the standard cleansing brush head which, as you've heard, is incredibly effective, but there are other options if you want to try something new. The range also includes brushes suited more specifically for exfoliation and brushes for those with extra sensitive skin. For me, the standard brush did a great job at exfoliating and was amazing on my sensitive skin, so I can only imagine how good these will be! I've yet to try them, but I honestly can't wait.

Now on to the epilator...

Luckily for me, any facial hair I have is very fair and so not noticeable, but I know a lot of ladies are constantly looking for ways to deal with darker facial hair that they want to hide or remove. The Braun Face comes with a mini-epilator head which can be used for your chin, upper lip and forehead. It's slender enough to give you perfect control and the size ensures you're going to get a really precise effect, just where you want it. The device has 10 micro-openings which can capture hairs as thin as 0.02mm - very thorough. The epilator can also be used for eyebrow maintenance in the region between your two eyebrows. Plucking this area can be so time consuming and it's often hard for me to get the finer hairs, but epilating gives me a quick and easy way of removing any hairs. It really gives you a much neater and cleaner look then you would get with other hair removal options - plus it lasts longer! You'll have hair-free skin for up to 4 weeks.

The beauty edition of the Braun Face also comes with a sleek pouch to keep your device in and a compact mirror. The pouch is really great quality; it's waterproof on the outside - so you'll have no problems with popping it on the side of the sink, and it's also the perfect size to fit in the device as well as any other make-up or toiletries that you might need when you're travelling. The compact mirror is another great addition because it has a light in it. When you're epilating this is so useful as it allows you to see even the finest hairs on your face.

I honestly can't stress enough how great this device is. The cleansing brush is just so effective that I can't even imagine going back to a skin care routine without it and the epilator just makes life that bit easier when it comes to hair removal. If you're interested, be sure to find out more information on the Braun website or on their social media. I'll leave all of the links below.


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