Wednesday 1 April 2015

Braun Satin Hair 7 Brush with Iontec

When it comes to hairbrushes, I can't help but be picky. I have long, fine hair, but lots of it! All I have to do is turn my head and it seems a million knots appear. I'm constantly having to brush my hair, but, as you know, brushing can be pretty damaging to your hair - especially when styling. Braun have brought out their new Satin Hair 7 brush which encorporates ion technology to make brushing and styling healthier on your hair. Read on to hear my thoughts on this high-tec brush and my experience...

Let's start with appearances... 

As you can see from the picture, it's a bristle brush - but there's a lot more to it. Braun describe these bristles as "seamless" - basically they have a super smooth surface to make brushing more gentle on your hair and to help prevent damage to the cuticle. The bristles are embedded in a removal cushion pad - at the click of a button you can pop the cusion out to make cleaning that bit easier. The cushion pad itself is extra soft and so moves with your hair. Again, this makes the brushing experience a lot more gentle as it's not going to cause snagging which inevitably leads to breakages.

The body of the brush is very sleek with a black and silver design. The handle is sturdy, with plenty of grip, and within the handle itself is where you store the batteries (2xAAA). These are needed to use the iontec function and are easily accessed by a removable cover. 

Now, the use of iontec is, arguably, one of the most exciting parts about this brush. On the handle is an on/off switch which allows you to control an active ion jet located on the back of the brush. When the jet is off it is fully covered by a plastic shield, however when you turn it on the front surface of the brush glows green (as you'll see in the title picture) and the shield retracts to expose the jet. After 5 minutes the brush will automatically switch off the iontec just in case you've accidentally left it on or in case it switches on in your bag. This ensures that you're jet will remain covered and protected.
So what do the ions actually do? 

The one effect that I noticed straight away was the complete lack of static in my hair. Like I said, I have fine hair, so after brushing the top layers have a mind of their own and float about like crazy. With this brush I didn't have this at all. In fact, my hair looked and felt a lot smoother and silkier than normal. The science behind this is that the active ions coming out of the jet have a negative electric charge. They surround each hair strand, neutralising your hair's positive ions (which is how it stops static and frizz) and provides the optimum environment for nourishment. The ions help transport moisture back inside the hair strands and restore shine. It's not often you see the visible effects of technology like this, but I honestly think it does make my hair look a lot more glossy and healthy. 

Speaking of the healthiness of your hair, I already mentioned how the structure of the brush helps to minimise breakage and damage with the seamless bristles and ultra-soft cushion pad, but the iontec helps to provide protection to each individual strand. Above is a picture that I found on the box which I thought was really impressive!  

Braun is my go-to brand for hair electricals and they haven't disappointed me with this product! The Braun Satin Hair 7 is a great device - you have to use a hairbrush everyday, so why not use one that's going to visibly improve the look of your hair, whilst improving its health too. 

If you want any more information then definitely check out the Braun website page for this device - they have some amazing videos on how the ion jet works etc. The link is: here.

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