Thursday 9 April 2015

chill* Ed Brunette and Ed Protect Haircare

The lack of sun over the winter has left my hair feeling pretty dull and lifeless, so I've been looking for something that can help me both intensify my hair colour whilst giving it's health a boost! chill* is an exciting brand that is really innovative when it comes to hair-care and hair-colouring. They're aim is to bring high intensity colour to your hair, without compromising on its health. They do this by using natural extracts, moisturisers and proteins with their exclusive pigments. I've been trying out their brunette shampoo and conditioner and their leave-in treatment... Read on to see what I think!

ed brunette Shampoo & Conditioner

chill* have a fantastic range of hair colour-specific moisturising shampoo and conditioners. These are suitable for both non-treated and coloured hair. Currently, my hair is not dyed and I'm rocking my natural brunette look - however, I've always been after a healthy way of accentuating my hair colour which didn't require chemically damaging it. The chill* range uses their own exclusive colour pigments, whilst being sulphate and paraben-free. The pigments attract light and, for the brunette set, it amplifies red tones giving you a lovely rich colour. I've been using the shampoo and conditioner every-time I wash my hair for the past few weeks and I've definitely seen a difference. Before my hair was just dark brown with a few lighter strands, but now the brown seems more vibrant and I can definitely see what they mean by amplifying red tones. It's been a great way of livening up my hair after the harsh winter! 

In terms of the formula themselves... Both the shampoo and conditioner come out as a very dark brown cream with a subtle floral scent. You use them as you would any other conventional shampoo and conditioner set, but I'd advise leaving the conditioner on for a bit longer if you'd like to develop your hair colour a bit more. I've been leaving it on for about 4 minutes and I've seen visible results! The conditioner also leaves your hair looking so glossy and it feels so soft - just what you want from a conditioner! 

ed protect Leave-In Treatment

Unfortunately, it's easy to damage your hair... whether it be through washing, drying, brushing, styling or colouring, it's impossible to avoid. For this reason I'm always looking for something to give my hair a little TLC and a boost in between washes. 

'ed protect' is chill*'s leave-in treatment which has a multitude of uses. It's versatility makes it ideal for several points in your hair care routine so I'll give you a few examples of how I use it. 
First of all, I spray this all over my hair as soon as I get out of the shower. The treatment acts as a detangling spray so you don't have to spend an age trying to brush through your knotty, wet hair. For me, especially, this has been so useful; I have very fine hair, but lots of it, and it knots so easily. I've noticed a massive improvement in the the ease of which I can brush through my hair and a shortening in the time it takes! Whilst it's busy detangling, it also acts as a protectant. If you tend to blow dry your hair, then this is a must have for you. Once your hair is dry, it's noticeably more shiny and more soft - but this product is not only for wet hair.

'ed protect' makes a great styling spray. A few squirts of this over your hair ensures your final hair will have a healthy looking shine - and it prevents fly-aways! I've been using this spray in all of these ways and you can use it right from your scalp down to the tips of your hair. If you're someone that colours your hair, I'd highly recommend using this spray in between washes to give a bit of care to your scalp and to any damaged hairs. It actively repairs hair strands and will help protect your scalp against the chemical treatment.

I've been really impressed with these three products from chill* -  each individual product is so effective, but in combination they're just amazing. They also make ammonia-free colouring products (ed stain), styling products, finishing products as well as their wide range of clean & condition products. Definitely check out their website or social media for more information!

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