Sunday 12 April 2015

Syno-Vital Oral Hyaluronan

This year, I'm taking extra steps to look after my body and one of the ways I've been doing this is to take Syno-Vital's Oral Hyaluronan supplements once day. The benefits from using these are so worthwhile for all ages that I thought it would be important to share my find with you. Read on to hear a bit more about what the supplement is and how it works...

I know that some people worry about supplements because they're scared of what they might be ingesting, but these sachets simply contain a naturally occurring substance that you'll find throughout your body - no nasty ingredients! This substance is hyaluronan - otherwise known as hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is, perhaps, most well known for being a major component of synovial fluid - the lubricant within our joints. For this reason, it's been used to treat osteoarthritis and it is essential for maintaining healthy joints. However, HA is also integral to our skin and eyes. In our skin, it is involved in tissue repair, but also in retaining moisture and elasticity, whereas in our eyes it acts as a shock absorber (it makes up 92% of the vitreous gel) and nutrient transportation device - ensuring good health of our ocular tissues. Honestly, the list goes on in how we use HA naturally in our body because it is such a core molecule to our cells.

So that you can appreciate how essential this molecule is, you just have to consider that HA production decreases as we age - by the age of 50 we produce 50% less HA. As a result, we see achey joints, aging in the skin and sometimes worsening of eye sight. By taking the HA supplements at any age you're ensuring HA can work it's natural wonders and minimise the impact of decreased HA production.

The supplements themselves are so easy to take. Each sachet comes with 5ml of watery-fluid which you pop in a glass of water everyday. In the 1 month supply box you get 30 of these little silver sachets. The fluid is clear and completely tasteless - a HUGE plus! You can't tell that there's anything different in your drink. If you're a busy person it's so ideal because it's so quick to take! You can even pour it in your water bottle before you go off to work and just drink it throughout the day. The box that I have comes with 30 sachets - so a one-month supply.

I would highly recommend looking into these supplements because they're quick and easy to take and will slow down the aging of your body in a huge number of ways. It honestly feels so good just knowing I'm giving back to my body everyday with a simple little drink! If you want any more information about hyaluronan (I just tried to give you a quick summary of it's functions) then check out this website:

You can find the supplements in a variety of places online as well as on the 'modernherbals' site itself:

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