Sunday 19 April 2015

Braun Satin Hair 7 Styler

Like the majority of us ladies, I can't live without a straightener. Whether it's for a particular hairstyle, or just to tame my hair when it misbehaves, I can't help feeling like a straightener is a staple electronic. The only issue with using heating electricals on my hair is that I can't help feeling a little guilty about purposefully damaging my hair. I use spray on protectants, but I'd rather actively stop the damage occuring as opposed to just shielding from it. Luckily, Braun have brought out a new styler in their Satin Hair 7 range that is designed to minimise heat damage by personalising the temperature according to your hair. Read on to hear about my experiences with the styler...

Braun always impresses me with their technology. I have the Sensodryer (review here) which varies the temperature according to your environment to optimise drying your hair... and they've now adapted this technology to their styler - so obviously I couldn't wait to give it a try!

From first appearances the device is super-sleek. It's matte black with a glossy strip along the front surface. What really sets this styler apart is the little LED screen above the control buttons. This screen is so handy - I'll get it into it more later. 

The plates of the styler themselves are pretty darn impressive. They are 'nanoglide' ceramic plates to make gliding 3x smoother than conventional plates. They also have a 'floating' design to distribute pressure evenly and prevent damage. From using the styler, it definitely lives up to the claims! My hair knots two seconds after brushing it - so with my previous straightener I was always hitting snags. However, using the Braun styler it glides straight through from root to tip. 

A major advantage of this device is having the little LED sceen. To give you some examples, it tells you when the tongs have reached their optimum temperature and, equally, will tell you when it's cooled down sufficiently to touch and store away. 

The LED screen also allows you to personalise the function of the styler. You can create a 'hair profile' by filling in details about the length of your hair, its thickness and whether it's been coloured or not. When you're in SensoCare mode the device takes into account the needs of your hair from your profile to adapt the temperature. As someone with fine hair, I can fully appreciate this! Plus, you can have 3 profiles saved on the device - so you can share the device with friends etc. 

The SensoCare mode really intrigued me, so I read up about it a little more. The function depends on built-in sensors that are within the cermaic plates. These 'read' your hair 20 times a second to detect the moisture level in each hair strand. As you glide the plates over your hair from root to tip the temperature will continuously adapt to be as efficient as possible, whilst minimising damage. The device also uses the data to give feedback via the LED on your styling process. The feedback gives you a rating on the speed of stroke and the moisutre level. The example in the picture above shows that I was moving the styler a little too fast, so need to go a bit slower for better performance, but that my hair was at the optimum moisture state for styling. If your hair is damp or wet, it will suggest drying your hair more for better results - it does this by showing a little picture of a hair dryer. As a safety feature, the temperature will automatically decrease so as not to cause damage. 

In terms of my own experience with this styler - I can't recommend it enough. It leaves your hair glossy - as opposed to dry and dull, with a long-lasting finish. It also allows you to maintain volume as the glide is so smooth that it doesn't tug at your roots. I love being able to embrace a straight-hair look without it being ridicuously flat. I've been using this for straightening, but I've increasingly been using it to make lovely loose curls at the ends of my hair. The edges of the plates are actually rounded to make this process easier - and you can definitely tell. When trying to curl my hair on straighteners I usually always catch my hair and end up with sharp kinks - but the curl is seamless using the Braun styler! The curls are also beautifully long-lasting.

Since using this in my hair-styling routine, I can definitely tell that my hair is looking and feeling a lot healthier than before. If you're looking to improve the state of your health, then try changing your straightener to this one - it's an amazing example of how technology can give you astounding results.

If you'd like some more information then definitely check out their page on the website:

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