Monday 6 April 2015

Fix Me! Repairing Serum

It's official... I've found a new 'holy grail' skincare product! As you may know if you've been following my posts, I really want 2015 to be a good year for my skin and so I'm trying to focus on using more natural and organic products. This led me to discover a new brand, 'Yours Truly Organics', and their little miracle in a bottle - the 'Fix Me! Repairing Serum'. Read on to hear all about it and my experiences...

I want to start by telling you a little bit about the company. 'Yours Truly Organics' produces skincare in the UK which is not only natural and organic, but is also completely cruelty-free and is suitable for vegetarians. The creator of the company experienced acne and severe acne scarring as a teenager and after trying countless methods to find a long-lasting remedy for her skin she decided to make her own! The great thing about these products is that the ingredients are effective, but are all natural and healthy for your skin, this contrasts with a lot of other skincare which uses harsh chemicals to deal with blemish and oil control. The following is a quotation I found on the website which I think sums the company up perfectly:

"...whilst our products are beautiful on the outside, they are also beautiful on the inside."

The 'Fix Me! Repairing Serum' is a product that has so many effects that you're sure to find a use for you. It is supposed to smooth, repair and tighten your skin whilst also having a brightening effect. Recently, I've been suffering with some pretty painful break-outs and they've been leaving scarring in their aftermath. The serum actually helps to reduce inflammation, ideal for dealing with existing spots, whilst actively repairing the skin at the same time. Some of the ingredients that help it to do this are: 
  • Avena Sativa Kernel Extract: This comes from oats and is high in silicic acid. It helps to reduce inflammation (perfect for existing spots!) and has been used for healing burns and eczma. It also acts upon the top layers of the skin to give an immediate tightening effect - ideal if you're looking for an anti-aging effect!
  • Gatuline® Skin-Repair Bio:  This is extracted from the flower, leaf and stem of Onopordum Acanthium. This is an active ingredient which stimulates the reconstruction of dry/damaged skin and aids the natural regeneration process. This leaves your skin looking fresher and feeling smoother. This is ideal for anyone with scarring or with blemishes that take a long time to heal!
  • REGU®-SEB: This is extracted from saw palmetto and sesame seeds and is embedded in an argan oil base. This helps to control and reduce sebum production, especially in your T-zone. Ideal for helping to prevent further blemishes!

I've been using this serum as soon as I wake up and right before bed. The consistency is a light fluid which is really easy to smooth over the whole of your face. It has a subtle fragrance, which is really enjoyable - but it's not noticeable when applied to your skin so don't be put off if you don't like scented skincare. The serum sinks in so quickly which is incredibly useful on a busy morning. In a matter of seconds you can go ahead and apply moisturiser, make-up etc. The immediate effect is both soothing and refreshing. Your skin just feels more alive, if that makes sense. The long-term effects that I have experienced are: a clearer complexion in terms of colouring (less reddness) and fewer break-outs, faster recovery from spots and a lot less oilyness! Interestingly, I previously had dry patches around my chin which made applying make-up really difficult, but these have completely disappeared after using this serum for a few weeks. It just shows that you don't have to have oily or spot-prone skin to use this, you'll see other advantages too! 

The overall health of my skin seems so much better. It's softer, tighter and a lot more radiant. Whenever products say they'll 'brighten your complexion' I never actually think that they will - or at least I don't think the effect would be noticeable, but I honestly feel like my skin seems more brighter and I don't wake up with dull-looking skin anymore! My under-eyes, especially, have never looked so good! 

I wholeheartedly urge you to give this serum a try. It's given me a lot more confidence in my skin and the amount of foundation I use has been decreasing every week as I don't feel like there's as much I need to cover up! I'll pop the details of 'Yours Truly Organics' down below in case you want to check their website out to learn a bit more about them and their products. As well as the serum they have a cleanser, toner and balm which all look fantastic - I'll definitely be checking the out! 

Their products are available in selected stores nationwide or via their website (linked above) or

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