Thursday 16 April 2015

Enigma Professional Indie Nail Polish

When it comes to nail polish, I am definitely a self-confessed addict. The two things that are most important to me when it comes to buying polishes are: 1) intense colour and 2) staying power. For Christmas I bought myself a ton of Ciate and Nails Inc polishes, but I've been so disappointed with them - they chip within the first couple of days and I'm constantly having to touch them up. I recently found Enigma Nails whilst looking for new products and I've been blown away by their quality - they've definitely ticked my two boxes and have gone above and beyond any other polish in my collection. Read on to find out more about these unique polishes and see the gorgeous shades I've been trying... 

Enigma Nails is an indie company that makes nail polish for use both professionally or just at home. They're made from a 5-free formula: free from formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor. If you paint your nails constantly, like me, then you know how detrimental polish can be on your nails - and these chemicals are the reason why! I feel so much better using polishes like this because they don't dry out your nails or leave them stained and textured. An added plus, is that the entire nail polish range is cruelty-free! 

Enigma Nails itself has an amazing story! Crissey, the owner, started making nail polishes as a way to get creative and express herself, whilst combining her love of polish. 6 months later - she now has an amazing business with 5 different collections of unique varnishes. 

Before I go into depth on the colours I've been trying out, I want to let you know some general points. Firstly, every single polish I've tried has been impressively chip-resistant. To give you an example, I can wear these for at least 6 days before I see a single chip - which is 3 times longer than my drugstore polishes. Secondly, the range of colours and the quality of the colours themselves are absolutely superb. All it takes is a quick look on the Enigma Nails website to see that colour is definitely something they pride themselves in. In fact, they take it one step further with colour-shifting technology in their formulas to create truly unique polishes. Third, they are so affordable! As I write this, the cost of these polishes is around £2.99 for a 6ml bottle - although larger sizes are available too. You're getting better quality, for a better price than you'd get with high-street brands! 

Now on to the colours I've been wearing this month...


Let's start with a perfect shade for the spring - Violette. This polish is from the 'Arctic' collection which are a group of varnishes based on a metallic silver pigment. This gives them a beautiful shine when the light hits them and, combined with the subtle metallic sheen, gives a unique look to your nails.

Violette is a lovely pastel lilac colour when applied, but also has some light blue tones as you move your hand about. It's a very pigmented polish - if you applied it thicker you could definitely get away with one coat, but I like to apply two thin coats which gives you complete opacity. 

I love this shade because it suits both long and short nails (perfect for an anxious nail-biter like me!). I'm often scared of metallic looking nails because I'm scared they'll look too harsh, but the formula of the 'Arctic' range is just spot on. The metallic dimension of the polish is just right in intensity.

You can find this on the site: here.

High Gloss Black

This polish is from the 'True' collection. These are polishes are just one solid colour and are INTENSELY pigmented. You'll be impressed to know that this polish is a definite one-coater. Just one swipe gives perfect opacity.

The formula of this polish reminds me of the Barry M Gelly Nails range - it's so glossy when you apply it and gives a beautiful shine. It really does look like you've got the gel-effect going on! 

Any nail polish lover needs a good black polish in their collection whether to use on it's own, in nail art, or as a base... and this one would be top of my recommendation list! 

You can find this on the website: here.


This next shade is extra special. Nebula is from the 'Colour-Shift' collection and is designed to be a top coat to go over black polish. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was incredibly impressed!

In the bottle, the polish is a shimmery white with a pink and purple sheen as you move it in the light. You can even see this just in the picture above - it's really intense! When you apply this over black, the transformation is amazing! The picture below shows the effect of putting 'Nebula' over the 'True Black' shade I showed you previously.

The picture really doesn't do this justice and doesn't show you the effect in all it's wonder. As you stroke the brush over your black nail the white 'Nebula' polish turns into a beautiful purple - all traces of the 'white' shade completely disappear. With just one coat of 'Nebula' you get a gorgeous array of colours - deep purples, light purples and blues. I can understand why it's named what it is - definitely has an outer-space feel to it! As you apply more you brighten the look up a bit more, so it's really versatile in terms of how you can wear it. This is a vibrant polish which is just completely different to anything I've ever used before.

You can find this on the website: here.

Electric Blue

Enigma Nails do colour shifts incredibly well - and the 'Pearlescent' collection just demonstrates this even more. The next two shades are from this collection and the colours are just outright beautiful.

'Electric Blue' is exactly what it says on the bottle... It's such a vivacious colour that is absolutely perfect for the summer. On Friday we had a freakishly warm day for the UK and I wore this while laying out in the sun - it was just the perfect combination! From looking between the pictures shown above and the swatch below you can see how the light really brings out the brightness of the blue. The colour truly 'pops'! 

This colour has subtle green tones in the light, which has led to me nicknaming it my 'mermaid polish'. It's so stunning. Once again, this is an intensely pigmented polish. Two coats give full opacity and really shows off the colour shifting properties.

You can find this on the website: here.

Purple Haze

This is my second polish from the 'Pearlescent' collection and it is absolutely gorgeous. Just looking at it in the bottle you can see blue and silver/grey tones as you move it about in the light.

This colour is perfect for all year-round and I think it would be so flattering on all skin-tones. I've never seen a shade like this before and it instantly became one of my favourites!

You can find this on the website: here.

As I'm sure you can tell, I have been blown away by these polishes from Enigma. It's crazy how great the quality is and how affordable they are! I would choose these any day over my conventional drug store brands because they're clearly of much higher quality. I think this comes down to the fact that they're homemade, so they've been made with care, and so much focus has gone into making the colour combinations perfect. You can also use these guilt-free, knowing they're cruelty-free and not full of nasty chemicals.

Be sure to check out the Enigma Nails website:

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