Sunday 29 March 2015

W7 In the Night Eyeshadow Palette

I recently fell in love with the W7 'In the Buff: Lightly Toasted' palette and was desperate to try another one of their palettes. Whereas the 'In the Buff' palette is full of neutrals for every day looks, the 'In the Night' palette has gorgeous smokey shades including purples, reds and greys which are perfect for a special occasion. Read on to see swatches, eye looks and my thoughts on this palette! 

The 'In the Night' palette comes in a purple tin making it incredibly durable for travelling. The packaging looks great, but the real beauty is within!

The palette is designed for creating a glamorous night time look, so all of the shadows have some element of shimmer. Some have very obvious glitter, but others have more of a satin finish. I know that some people like matte shades for their transition and crease shades, but these shadows are incredibly versatile and easy to blend so work well in these areas. Also, when you're doing your make-up for a special occasion, you can never have enough shimmer! 

In terms of the general quality of the shadows, I was not disappointed. Above you can see the swatches and I didn't use a primer to intensify the colours. The shades are beautifully pigmented and incredibly easy to apply; they're very smooth and not at all chalky. 

On to the colours... the variety that you get in this palette means you have countless options for different looks whether it be cool-toned, warm-toned or even a bit of both. I'll go into some of the shades now.

Dusty: A light peachy-pink shimmer - a great highlight for your brow bone or inner corner.
Wonderland: A warm bronze shimmer that has a golden sheen. 
Summer: This is quite an unusual shade - kind of a brownish-grey if that makes sense! 
Atlanta: A light lilac shimmer - great for the inner 1/3 of your eyelid.
Abracadabra: The picture doesn't do this shade justice. This is a lovely purple with a grey-sheen.
Top Hat: This is a deep purple that has a slightly pink sheen. Again, the photo doesn't really do this justice as it's a lot richer in person than it seems here.

Razzamataz: A darker purple. This is one of the shades that is closest to a matte. It makes a great outer v colour to deepen up your look.
Lady Luck: This is one of my favourites! A pinky-purple with plenty of shimmer. A warm, fun colour.
Laura E: A deep copper with a red sheen. Another favourite of mine! This one is incredibly pigmented and a little goes a long way.
Party Pooper: A pink-toned white which is perfect for highlighting.
Gate Crash: A sophisticated dark grey - perfect for a smokey eye.
Bologna: A highly pigmented black. I literally only had to touch my finger in slightly to make this swatch. 

Like I said, you can combine these colours is so many different ways to create some stunning looks. Here are a couple of examples of the way I've been wearing these shadows. 

With the number of purple shades, the palette is just asking for a purple look! I ran 'Lady Luck' through the crease and into my transition area. I focused a lot of this shade at the outer corner to give a nice pink effect. I then applied 'Abracadabra' all over the lid and then dusted some 'Atlanta' over the lower part of the lid to contrast with my black eyeliner. Finally I blended some of 'Top Hat' into the outer V to deepen up the look. 

This look is a bit warmer. I blended 'Wonderland' all over my transition area making it fade in intensity up to my brow bone. I then packed 'Laura E' into the outer 1/3 of my eyelid - unfortunately the pictures don't really show the richness of the reddish sheen with this shade - and then dusted it lightly over the middle of my lid. I covered the middle of my lid with 'Wonderland' once again, but this time I was packing it on as opposed to blending it like I did in the transition zone. Finally I popped 'Dusty' into my inner corner. 

I am absolutely loving this palette - the quality of the shadows are fantastic and the variety of colours are so useful. If these colours aren't up-your-street, then you should definitely check out the 'In the Buff: Lightly Toasted' palette which is full of neutrals. My review for that palette is: here, if you want to find out more.

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