Tuesday 24 March 2015

Tips for using Gel Eyeliner

As someone who wears liquid eyeliner on a daily basis I was so excited to try an alternative that would last longer and give a more intense colour - gel eyeliner. Over the past year and a half I've experimented with gel liners from many different brands and along the way I've definitely learned a few tips and tricks which would help any beginner get to grips with gel eyeliner. Read on to hear more...

1. Use the right tool

No matter how great the liner is, you can't do anything with it without a good applicator. If you're going to use gel eyeliner for the very first time you might want to try using it with something your more familiar with. When I begun, I used one of my old liquid eyeliner wands. This helped me get to grips with the differences in consistency of the liquid and gel eyeliners, without having to worry about any difficulties that came with applying it. After a while I progressed onto brushes. A slanted eyeliner brush is so helpful to give you a precise line - my favourite is from Real Techniques. Alternatively, any brush that has a fine tip would theoretically work. Most liners will come with a small brush which work just fine - just be careful when using these to do wings as they can apply the liner a bit heavy.

2. Get the gel ready

This probably won't be necessary for most of you, but if you live somewhere cold like me then this might help you out! Before applying the liner I hold the container in my hands to warm it up. This helps to soften the gel which will make it much easier to apply. 

3. Be swift

To get the best results, you should try to apply the gel eyeliner with a fluid movement. Don't dab it - swipe it across your lid faster than you would with liquid. The gel seems to leave the applicator better this way and gives you a precise line. Gel liner dries quite quickly, a lot faster than liquid eyeliner, so if you create your line by stopping and starting - it just won't look so smooth when you've finished. The important thing to remember is that you can always go back in to touch up/neaten up - so at least do one main line to begin with. 

4. Experiment with colour

Gel eyeliners are intensely pigmented which means you can create gorgeous looks by encorporating a coloured liner. Gel can also be used as an eyeshadow - it's incredibly long-lasting and will help you create a dramatic, fun look. 

I really hope these tips have helped some of you who are looking to use gel eyeliner or perhaps inspired some of you to try it. Let me know your thoughts! 

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