Friday 27 March 2015

Silver Line Complete Skin Beauty Supplements

Although we all might try to eat and drink healthily, it can be hard to make sure you're putting the right things in your body - especially when you've got a busy lifestyle. I find that supplements are the quickest and most effective way of ensuring that you're reaching your daily requirements. Fitness Pharma have recently brought out the Silver Line range which includes the 'Complete Skin Beauty' supplements which are designed not only to give yourself a health boost but also to give you a beauty boost at the same time. Read on to see how...

The pack comes with a 28 day supply of tablets and capsules. Each day you're supposed to take one tablet, which is made up of vitamins, minerals and herbs, one wheatgerm oil capsule and one argan oil capsule. The tablet ensures that you get your daily requirement of vitamin C, zinc and selenium, but also has many other advantages which comes from the herbs. Pine bark extract is included and this is a great source of pycogenol, which improves skin elasticity and maintains skin health (it's often found in anti-aging products). Green tea leaves extract is also found in the tablet - this has an anti-inflammatory, action as well as an antioxidant effect, and inhibits the enzyme which breaks down collagen. A wonder ingredient for your skin! The tablet also has marine collagen, tomato extract and citrus peel bioflavonoid complex. 

The argan oil capsule speaks for itself. Argan oil is being talked about all over the health and beauty communities because of how beneficial it is. It's actually really versatile in its uses - it improves hair, nails and skin. If you're someone that suffers from a skin condition then argan oil is perfect for you, but even if you don't - it's a great way to promote your overall skin health. It contains omega-3 and omega-9 which will truly nourish your skin.

The final capsule is the wheatgerm capsule. Wheat germ oil is definitely a super-ingredient. It's regenerative properties mean that it's often using to treat scarring and inflammation. As you can imagine, this also makes it a great anti-aging oil helping to reduce fine lines whilst also softening and moisturing your skin.

I love these supplements because they don't just act on your insides, which you can't see, they have visible effects on the outside of your body too. Normally, you'd have to buy a ton of different supplements to achieve all of these great things - but with the 'Complete Skin Beauty' you get it all in one place! I have loved using these supplements and would highly recommend them! 

The Silver Line range has other packs which focus on different aspects as well as age-specific packs to suit your needs! Be sure to check the Silver Line supplements out at Superdrug! 

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