Thursday 5 February 2015

Schwarzkopf: got2b Mind Blowing Haircare Range

The strong winds and snow that we've been having lately have made keeping a hairstyle intact absolutely impossible! I decided this was a great excuse to try out some new hair products and I've only recently discovered the new 'Mind Blowing' range from 'got2b'. I've got the hairspray, mousse and styling spray so I'll be reviewing these for you to tell you a bit about my experiences with them! Read on... 

Xpress Dry Styling Spray 

For anyone out there who has thick or long hair you might be able to sympathise with me about how long it can take to blow dry your hair. More often than not I can't bear the aching arms so I just let my hair dry naturally, but when it's freezing outside this really isn't practical! This styling spray is supposed to speed up the drying process giving you a faster blow dry, ensure heat protection and detangle and condition your hair. 

The product comes with a handy spray-nozzle making application really easy. It can sometimes be awkward to distribute a treatment evenly when you have to decant it straight out of a bottle, but this is really easy to get over all of your hair. The smell is very sweet and reminds me of apples, but after the process of drying your hair you're just left with a subtle smell that just gives a very 'fresh' impression. 
In terms of performance, I definitely agree with the claim that it speeds up your blow-dry time and it's now an essential part of my morning routine because it means I can get my hair dry before my 9 o'clock lectures! I often worry with products like this, which claim to aid the drying process, that they'll actually end up leaving my hair damaged and dehydrated. Luckily, I did not need to worry with this styling spray. The formula has a built in conditioner which aids detangling and I think it definitely gives you that level of protection. It leaves your hair with a nice, healthy shine after drying which is great, as it seems to work like a bit of a leave-in conditioner without weighing your hair down.
I would really recommend this spray for anyone who feels like they need more time for their hair-care routine!

Fast Dry Hairspray

 I recently bought a new hair curler so I needed a great new hairspray to keep those curls alive. I normally don't really like hairspray - I use it because I have to, but I don't like the way it feels on my hair. This product, however, has definitely changed my mind and made me think that maybe I was just picking the wrong hairsprays!

The hairspray is described as having an extra dry finish, micro-fine diffusion and long-lasting hold. I would vouch for all of these claims as I've had really great experiences with this spray. First of all, it doesn't smell like hairspray! It has a similar fruit scent to the styling spray, but not as sweet. This is so much more preferable to me than that awful strong hairspray scent! The product does dry really quickly, but it doesn't dry your hair out - it actually gives your hair a slight sheen which just makes it look more healthy and glossy. The micro-fine diffusion means that it really grabs hold of all of the strands of hair and so prevents that clumpy-looking effect you can get with some hairspray. In fact, it really doesn't look like you're wearing hairspray at all and your hair doesn't feel crunchy or stiff! It definitely gives you strong hold and it brushes out so easily at the end of the day. An added bonus is that it doesn't leave your hair feeling awful once you've brushed it out - with normal hairsprays I find I have to wash my hair to get rid of the texture, but with this it feels like you've never had any product in it.
Finally, if you have short hair this will work for you too. My boyfriend keeps stealing this to style his hair and it's been working so well for him. Again you get that natural sheen, but it doesn't look greasy at all.
Another product that I would highly recommend! 

Quick Shape Mousse

I have hair that simply will not keep a curl unless I use mousse in it when it's wet, so I was very keen to try this one. This 'Quick Shape Mousse' is ideal as it also gives you the heat protection you need to use your hair dryer or curlers. 

This mousse is wonderfully light, smells great (just like the other two products) and doesn't leave your hair feeling stiff or more weighty. If you struggle keeping a curl or keeping your hair in any kind of style then I would definitely recommend this mousse! It gives your hair more texture to make styling easy, but has that 'barely-there' feel. I've definitely noticed that it's prolonged the time that I can maintain my curled hair or my wavy hair, so it's a big thumbs up from me.

These three products are just gems when it comes to creating and keeping your perfect hairstyle. The packaging is just adorable - I love the turquoise and pink combination - and I honestly think that they are salon-quality products.

You can find Schwarzkopf in most drug-stores, so definitely check them out next time you're out shopping. Superdrug have actually got them on sale at the moment! 

Hope you've enjoyed this post :) Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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