Sunday 8 February 2015

Oakwood Soaperie Bath Treats

With Valentine's day coming up, and the Winter being as cold as ever, it's the perfect time to treat yourself to a lovely bath with some relaxing goodies! Today, I want to tell you all about a new company I've found, based in North East England, called 'Oakwood Soaperie' who produce homemade products of fantastic quality. Read on to hear about the items I've been enjoying!

Before I tell you about each of the products I've been using, I wanted to write a little bit  about the ingredients that this company uses. All products do not contain preservatives, SLS, SLES etc - so they're ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Instead, they're made with pure plant oils and butters as well as pure Northumbrian honey and beeswax (provided by the owner's beekeeper-dad!). The natural quality of these ingredients is so clear when you use them - they're so soothing on your skin, as well as on your senses! An added bonus - they're cruelty free so are not tested on animals.

Now on to the products!

Ring 'O' Roses Bath Bomb

Like almost everyone else on the planet, I adore a good bath bomb! There's no better way to add a bit more excitement to your bath then to watch one of these fizz away in all its' wonder. Oakwood Soaperie have a great range of different scents and I tried out their 100% natural 'Ring 'O' Roses' bath bomb which is made with rose geranium oils.

As I hope you can see from the pictures, it's so pretty and would make such a great gift. The bomb itself is a very light, baby-pink colour and it's embedded with flower petals. This fizzes so well in your bath - I just sat and watched it work it's magic! The petals then float up to the top to the set the scene for your relaxing bath! The scent of this bath bomb is just gorgeous - there's no other way of describing it. I think floral scents are so comforting so they're ideal when you're looking for a peaceful night in.
Not only is this bath bomb great for the bath itself, it's great for your skin. I've always loved rose-products for my skin because they're so gentle, but still really effective. I always choose rose face toners, for example. I'm sure that this bath bomb is a huge part of the reason why my skin felt so soft and smooth once I'd gotten out of the bath - so it's a great addition for your skin care routine.

You can find the 'Oakwood Soaperie' range of bath bombs on their website: here.

Sweet Lavender Bath Salts

If you ever have trouble sleeping, this is the product for you. We all know about the anxiolytic and soothing properties of lavender which make it perfect for restless-sleepers, but combining it with dead sea salts and epsom salts makes it even better! Dead sea salts are well known for being able to relieve tired muscles - ideal for before bed. 
As you can hopefully see from the pictures, the salt also contains lavender buds to make your bath that little bit prettier (when you combine these with the bath bomb, it's like you've got flowers all around you!).

The packaging makes me think that this would be another great gift. The salts come in a glass jar of volume 250ml, with an adorable bow around the top. The product looks so sweet on the side of your bath! Looking on the website, they now do bottles of salts which are corked at the top for an even prettier look!
These salts are also great for making yourself a little foot-spa before bed when you don't have time to have a bath. 

There are a great range of other salts on the website as well, all very luxurious! Check them out: here.

Homemade Natural Soaps

I first heard of 'Oakwood Soaperie' because of their natural, homemade soaps so I was particularly keen to try them out! I've been sampling four different soaps and I've been so impressed by how indulgent they are! 

The first is the Lavender and Clary Sage Soap which is a light lilac colour and has lavender buds running through it. These add some exfoliating and toning properties to the soap - so it's ideal for your arms and legs! It also leaves a subtle, lavender scent on your skin. 

The second is the Goat's Milk and Chamomile Soap. As someone with sensitive skin, I was really looking forward to using this one. I really enjoy using this of a morning if I have a shower as I can use it for my face and body. I've recently been suffering from some painful breakouts on my face, so this has been a really gentle way to wash my face. It also doesn't leave your skin feeling dry after - it definitely maintains hydration.

Third is the Buttered Rose soap. This is so beautiful - I can't stop staring at it everytime I use it! It's a light orangey-pink shade with creamy-white swirled through it. If you look through their soap range you'll see so many stunning soaps which are so pleasing to the eye and would make great gifts. This is another really hydrating soap. It also contains Rose spa clay which really helps to cleanse and purify your skin. 

Last, but not least, is lovely, rich Honey soap. I've actually been using this to wash my hands with because it stops them from drying out like conventional soaps. 'Oakwood Soaperie' has great ties with honey and they do this product so well! 

To see their complete range of soaps then click: here.

I hope this post has helped introduce you to some great products from a great company. You can find out a bit more about both from the 'Oakwood Soaperie' website which I'll link down below. The website also has a list of stockists, but they also visit local craft and farmers markets in their area - so keep your eyes peeled! 

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