Thursday 19 February 2015

'Brush on Lashes' from Beaut-Boutique

There is nothing that completes a look better than long, thick, dark eyelashes and I love trying out new mascaras to get the best effect. The thing is, I've never really been able to recreate the effect that you get with false eyelashes without glueing on a pair. False eyelashes are great, but for me (who wears glasses all the time) they're really not that practical - I can never wear them for a long period of time. I discovered a new product called 'Brush On Lashes' from Beaut-Boutique, and they describe this mascara as 'false lashes in a tube' - so I want to share my experience of using it with you! Read on to find out more...

Beaut-Boutique is an online company that sells make-up, skincare and giftsets. They do not believe in testing on animals - so they're cruelty free - and they produce high quality items. I've just discovered them recently and actually began with using their skincare (I'll be writing a post about this sson) - I was so impressed with how the skincare has been working with my sensitive skin that I thought I'd try out some make-up. The 'Brush On Lashes' is the first beauty product I've tried so let me tell you about it.

The product itself comes in a sleek black box and looks like a conventional mascara - it's only when you unscrew that top that you discover how unique it really is! 

The wand is coated in tiny, very thin, delicate fibres and it's these dainty things that are going to build up your lashes to give you 'false-lash'-worthy length. The idea of this product is to use it after you've applied your daily water-based mascara. While your mascara is still holding its' moisture on your lashes you run the 'brush on lashes' wand over your eyelashes. This distributes the fibres really easily as they use the mascara as a base. Once you've applied the amount that you'd like, you then apply another layer of your mascara over the top to seal the fibres in place.

The pictures above can give you a comparison between using a conventional mascara and then using it with 'brush on lashes'. As you can see, I used quite a light-weight mascara that just gives me a little bit of length, but by then using the fibre wand it instantly increased the length of my lashes massively and gave them incredible thickness. You can experiment with different initial mascaras to give a different look, but I really like the more natural effect that I got here.  

What's really great is how buildable this product is. If you wanted to go for more of a thicker look as opposed to focusing on the length, you just use the fibre wand predominantely at the base of your lashes - and vice versa at the tips of your eyelashes if you just want length. To get an even more dramatic look you can build up your eyelashes by alternating between your mascara and 'brush on lashes' multiple times. 

If you're worried about using fibres near your eyes - don't be. I have really sensitive eyes, but all you have to do is tilt your head slightly forward and lower your lid as much as possible - this stops any fibres getting into your eye. If worst comes to worst and a fibre or two does get in your eye, they're fine enough not to cause any pain. I would just recommend putting a couple of drops of water in your eye and tilting your head to the side to let this reach your inner corner where you can wipe it, and the fibres, away.

In terms of removing this at the end of the night, it's really easy. Just do your normal make-up removing routine and the fibres will gently come off with your mascara. 

I absolutely love using my 'Brush on Lashes' and it gives my eyes so much definition that for the first time in years I've actually gone out without wearing any eyeliner. If you're a mascara or a falsies junkie, then this product is definitely for you! 

The link for the 'Brush on Lashes' page is: here. If you do decide to buy these, be sure to write 'Charlotte' in the notes box at checkout so they know you've read the review! 


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