Wednesday 11 February 2015

Couleur Caramel: Valentine's Essentials

Last month I found a fantastic brand, 'Couleur Caramel', that produces natural, organic and mineral make-up, while being cruelty-free. I was so impressed with the first few items I tried (see post here) that I couldn't wait to try some more! Here are two items that I think are essential to complete any Valentine's look. Read on to learn more!

Gloss n°813 - Veil of raspberry

Valentine's day is the perfect time to show off your lips and there's no better way of doing this then with a gorgeous gloss. Lip glosses help to draw attention to your lips with their shiny finish and really show off the colour. The shade that I've been using, 'Veil of raspberry' is a gorgeous pinky-red.

As you can see, the packaging is just beautiful! All of the 'Couleur Caramel' packaging is made from bio-degradable materials to make it even better. The packaging has light pink floral detailing over it and the fact that you can see the colour of the gloss just makes it so convenient. I just think that it looks so unique and will be pretty in anyone's lip product collection.

The gloss is pigmented enough to be worn on it's own (see the picture below) for a beautiful rosey-pink lip. This shade is perfect if you want to go for a more dramatic eye look. If you apply this gloss lightly then it's sheer enough to still show your lipstick beneath. I've found this so useful when I want to tone down a bright lipstick colour and give it a nice smooth finish.

In terms of the consistency of this gloss, it applies like a dream. It's so smooth that you can layer it over any other lip product. It's very moisturising as well which means it's perfect for applying over a lipstain for a look that will last all day. I always worry with lip glosses that they'll feel sticky, but this really isn't the case with the 'Couleur Caramel' glosses! To me it feels like you've got a hydrating balm on, with the added bonus of a gorgeous colour and shine! 

A lip gloss like this is perfect because it can dress up even the most simple make-up look. If this shade isn't for you, then definitely check out the 'Couleur Caramel' website - they've got a great range of colours so you're sure to find one to suit you.

You can find this lip gloss: here.

Multitouch concealer pencil n°21* - Light Beige

Another aspect of your Valentine's make-up look is for you skin to look flawless. This has been proving very difficult for me recently because writing my dissertation has led to my face erupting in spots everywhere! For this reason, a concealer is essential for me - but I also rely on concealers even when I'm spotless because they really help to brighten up your look.

I have the 'Multitouch concealer pencil' in it's lightest shade, but there is also a 'natural beige' and a 'golden beige' for any of you with darker skin tones. The first thing that I noticed when applying this concealer was just how creamy it is. Even with the lightest hand you can transfer product on to your skin! The second thing that I noticed, and that I was particularly impressed by, was the fact that the concealer wasn't sticking to any dry areas on my skin. Many of my other concealers cling to any dry patches and just end up drawing attention to them, but the 'Couleur Caramel' concealer just glides right over them, covering them instantly. The creaminess of the concealer means that it doesn't dry your skin out and is really easy to blend into your foundation. 

I've included some pictures below to show you how the concealer helped to hide my spots:

I was so impressed by the way it hid the spots around my chin - I feel so self-conscious of them. Also, in these pictures I wasn't wearing any foundation, so to get this outcome after just applying the concealer is fantastic.

Another use for this pencil is to highlight your brows and maintain their shape. In the pictures below I used the concealer just under my arch. This helps to keep the shape and brighten up your eye area. You can also see I hid that sneaky spot in between my eyebrows.  

This is definitely my new favourite concealer. It completely hides redness and blemishes, but is so creamy that you don't have to worry about a cakey finish.

You can find this pencil on the 'Couleur Carmel' website: here.

So those are the two items that I think will make any Valentine's look complete! If you want to find out more about the brand then definitely check out their website, I'll put the links down below. In my previous blog post I was reviewing two eye shadows and an eye liner pencil from 'Couleur Caramel'  and they were just fantastic. You can find the link to that post: here.

The brand is just consistently good and the quality of all the items I've tried is phenomenal - so if you're interested in trying natural and organic makeup then definitely consider 'Couleur Caramel'!

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