Monday 2 February 2015

Greenweez: Mini Natural-Beauty Haul

A common misconception is that organic and natural beauty products are hard to find and when you do find them, they're just too expensive. However, this year I'm trying to use natural make-up as much as possible and I've found a great website which specialises in supplying organic, natural and eco-friendly products at a great price. I've been using Greenweez for beauty products, but they also sell a huge range of everyday items. I wanted to take the chance to tell you a little bit about the items I got in my latest order so you can see the sort of make-up you can buy and enjoy whilst looking out for your skin and the environment. Read on to find out more! 
What I love about websites like Greenweez is that they feature so many different brands - it makes you feel like you're shopping in an online department store! The last time I checked their make-up section they were stocking 11 different brands, so there is plenty of choice. In this post I've got pieces from three different brands just to give you a little overview of what you can get.

Boho Green: Perle Eye Shadow

There's an extensive range of single eyeshadows to choose from on the site, but what really attracted me to the Boho Green set was their cute and unusual packaging! Boho Green are a French company, which like all of the other brands on the site, are eco-friendly, do not test on animals and produce their products from natural ingredients. They are also part of the 1% of the planet scheme, meaning they donate 1% of all revenue to associations that aim to protect the environment.

The shade I picked, 'Perle', is a very light dusky-blue which almost looks grey. It's a matte shade. This Winter I've found myself depending on more warm colours, so I felt like it was time for a change. The shadow is very soft, smooth and easy to apply. The pigmentation is great and you can layer this shadow really nicely to make the look brighter. 

Above is an example of how I've been wearing this shadow. I covered the lid entirely with 'Perle' and then blended a black shadow into the outer V. I found 'Perle' so easy to blend, which is fantastic as I can't wait to try pairing it with brighter colours. To finish the look I added a dusting of silver shadow in the inner corner.

The quality of this shadow is fantastic and it lasts really well on the eyes with or without an eye primer. There is a really big range of colours on the Greenweez website so, even if 'Perle' isn't for you, I'd definitely recommend checking out the shadows if you need some more everyday staples! 

The Greenweez page for Boho Green cosmetics can be found: here. Their range includes foundations, poweders, bronzers, eyeliners etc. 

Benecos: Natural Liquid Eyeliner

Benecos is a German company who make organic and vegan-suitable cosmetics. I saw that they made a liquid eyeliner and, as someone that wears this everyday, I was keen to try a natural alternative to my conventional drug-store buys. 

As you can see, the packaging is sleek, just like all of their other eye products and the applicator is soft and slightly flexible. It has the texture of a slightly stiff-sponge which means it's really gentle on your lids and stores a lot of product, so you don't have to keep going back to the bottle. The applicator does have a slight point, but it isn't as thin as some other liners that I use. However, you can still get really precise lines from this due to the flexibility of the applicator and employing a slight variation in pressure. 

The liquid liner itself actually has quite a sweet scent, which I've never experienced with a liner before!

Above is a picture of me wearing this liner. I was really impressed by it's staying power - it lasted all day with no fading. The only thing I would say is that I would advise using a pencil to tight-line when using this liner as it is hard to avoid getting the liner in your eye due to the sponge-like applicator.

You can find the Benecos page on the Greenweez website: here. Just like Boho Green, Benecos have a variety of other cosmetics on the site, including nail varnish. 

Avril: Eyeliner Pencil Bronze

The final brand I'm going to be talking about is Avril - a French company that makes make-up which is 100% natural and organic as well as being paraben-free. 

I've been wanting a brown eyeliner pencil for a more subtle and gentle lined look, so Avril's pencil in Bronze looked perfect. 

As you can see, the packaging is adorable and very in-keeping with the eco-feel!

The eyeliner itself is a beautiful brown with a golden shimmer running through it. It is so soft and creamy that applying it was effortless! 

As you can see in the picture above I used the pencil to tightline and also line the lower lashes. I wanted a soft look on the lower lashes to balance out the harsh liquid liner on my eyelid. This pencil would also be ideal for your top lashline for a brown smokey eye because it's very easy to blend out.

I was really impressed by the staying power - it did not budge from my lower lashline. Also, these pencils are actually recommended for anyone who has sensitive eyes and, as someone who does, I can definitely vouch for this claim. I had no problems whatsoever - my eyes didn't water or anything! 

Avril: Nail Polish in Poppy Red No 40

 Avril have a gorgeous range of nail polishes which I just couldn't resist trying. There are some really pretty faded neons and pastel colours which look perfect for the Spring, but for now I figured I'd go for the classic bright red which is just a staple that can be worn all year around.

I've been wearing this on my nails a lot recently and it is such a flattering and glamorous colour. I've been doing three coats to get the maximum opacity and so far I've been really pleased with how it's worn! 

You can find the Avril page on the Greenweez website: here.

I really hope this post was useful for some of you who are looking to try more natural beauty products as Greenweez gives you so many options all in one site. The delivery is really quick and their customer service is really helpful and efficient. Definitely check them out as you get to experience eco-friendly companies from all over the world at a really affordable price! 

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