Saturday 21 February 2015

Beaut-Boutique Skincare

'Beaut-Boutique' is a great online beauty company that I discovered recently. After falling in love with their 'Brush on Lashes' (blog post: here) I decided to give their skincare range a try. I've got three different products and together they are the perfect combination for a quick-and-easy morning skincare routine. 
Read on to see my thoughts!

As you'll see from the pictures, the packaging of all of their skincare is very sleek and sophisticated and provides a handy pump dispenser to makes application convenient. Additionally, their skincare is all pH balanced, paraben-free and cruelty-free, definitely worthy of a thumbs up in my opinion. 
Now, on to the individual products.

A&G Face Wash

Everyone needs a good face wash and this one makes cleansing your face oh-so-easy. Once your skin is damp, you simply smooth this all over your face with a cotton wool pad and then rinse. The whole process is so gentle, but is clearly really effective - a perfect combination. The scent of the face wash itself is gorgeous - it has a subtle hint of fruity-sweetness and a delicate fragrance. You can really tell where these smells are coming from when you look at the ingredients, which include: apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, goji berry fruit extract and acai berry extract. It also uses avocado oils which work wonders for skin. 

My mornings are always hectic, so this is so ideal for me to wake me up and cleanse my sleepy skin.

Marine Collagen Under-Eye Serum

The skin around our eyes is particularly delicate, as we all know, so it's important to look after it. After cleansing your face, you simply rub this serum into your under eye area. You're advised to use this twice a day, but don't worry - you can apply make-up over it. It doesn't take long to dry at all and you're good to go in with your foundation, concealer etc. The serum itself is a translucent white gel-like substance which is really cooling and refreshing on your under-eye. It doesn't have any scent, which I prefer for an eye serum! Again, this product has an impressive array of ingredients which include: organic aloe vera leaf juice, marine collagen, avocado oil, vitamin E, green tea extract, argan oil and an array of fruit extracts. The collagen gives this eye serum an anti-aging component as it'll helped to tighten any loose skin around your eye. For me, it's helped brighten up my under-eye region giving the previously dull-looking area a bit of life! 

Radiance Moisturiser

Once I've cleansed and applied my eye serum, it's on to the moisturiser. Although you could definitely use this as a night moisturiser, I love using it for the daytime because of how fast it absorbs into your skin, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smooth, but without a greasy residue. When you're in a rush of a morning you want your moisturiser to dry quickly so that you can get on with your make-up - and this one does it perfectly. It also has a lovely, fresh scent that really helps to refresh you of a morning. Organic shea butter, apricot kernal oil, coconut oil and organic sunflower seed oil are just some of the ingredients in the moisturiser - so you know it's going to do a great job. In terms of its consistency, it comes out like a white cream which is wonderfully light and is easy to distribute evenly. 

These three products have become my morning essentials and I've been massively impressed with how they've performed on my skin. I feel so comfortable knowing that they're all great quality skincare which has been made with amazing natural ingredients. I'd highly recommend trying out some of the Beaut-Boutique skincare - I honestly think these would suit all skin types.

If you're interested, you can find these products on the Beaut-Boutique website:

If you haven't already, be sure to check out my review of the Beaut-Boutique 'Brush On Lashes': here.

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