Saturday 23 April 2016

iMantara by Thai-Square Spa: Siamese Sole Line

With sandal-weather fast approaching it's time to get our feet ready for the summer! Luckily, iMantara have the perfect foot care duo which will leave feet feeling soft and supple. 
Read on to hear more about the Siamese Sole range...

iMantara, created by Thai Square Spa, offer a fantastic range of beauty and spa products that are created by experts. The Thai Square Spa opened in 2010 in the heart of Covent Garden where it became recognised as a premium day spa that combined Thai massage therapy techniques with holistic knowledge. Since then, the spa has moved to a larger site at 25 Northumberland Avenue, within the city of Westminster. It's located in a converted Victorian Turkish bath, between Trafaglar Square and the Thames Embankment. Having heard the spa being raved about, I couldn't wait to give their cruelty-free product range a try - starting with the Siamese Sole line.

Siamese Sole Foot Scrub

The key to soft feet is exfoliation. Skin, particularly on your heels and soles, feels tough or hard due to a build up of layers of dead skin cells - a foot scrub will help remove these layers to expose the healthy skin below. 
The Siamese Sole Foot Scrub uses some fantastic ingredients to exfoliate and nourish your feet. Walnut (walnut shell powder, specifically) is the exfoliating agent and is combined with Plai Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint and Thai Jasmine flower extract. Plai Oil is a wonder-ingredient in Thai aromatherapy and is often used to treat aches, pains and inflammation. In the foot scrub, it has a great healing effect on the soles - this prevents the exfoliation being too harsh on the healthy skin layers. Tea Tree Oil is another diverse ingredient which is both anti-fungal and anti-septic - ideal for your feet. Lastly, peppermint refreshes the skin whilst Thai Jasmine flower extract leaves you with a gorgeous floral scent. 

The best way to use the scrub is to massage it onto damp skin in circular motions. I pay special attention to my heels and the pads of my feet. The iMantara foot scrub is incredibly easy to use as the scrub has a lotion-like consistency allowing you to easily rub it into your feet without losing half of the product from fall out. 

I've been using the scrub for a good few weeks now and I have definitely noticed a difference. Not only does it leave my feet feeling smoother, they also feel nourished and hydrated. Plus - the scent is just incredible. 

The Siamese Sole Foot Scrub is currently priced at £12.95 for 130ml. You can find it on the website: here.

Siamese Sole Foot Lotion

After exfoliating, it's important to give your feet a little treat with a good moisturiser. The Siamese Sole Foot Lotion is definitely the most luxurious foot cream I have ever tried and is easily my favourite. 

Just like the foot scrub, the lotion has some great ingredients. Coconut oil is used to give that intense hydration whilst Thai Camphor is used to energise the skin and give the lotion a cooling effect. Using the lotion after the scrub will also give you a second dose of tea tree oil which, again, will protect your feet from fungal infections and give an anti-septic effect...
Finally - let's mention the scent. It is b-e-a-utiful. Grapefruit is used to not only give a wonderful scent, but also to invigorate the skin - leaving you feeling fresh and clean. 

I, honestly, have thoroughly enjoyed using this product. It sinks into your feet effortlessly giving you an instant feel of nourishment and leaves your skin feeling oh-so-soft and smelling oh-so-good. I love laying this on thick at night and popping my feet into some cotton socks - letting the lotion sink in over night to work it's magic. 

The Siamese Sole Foot Lotion is currently priced at £12.95 for 100ml. You can find it on the website: here.

I really can't get over how luxurious and effective these products are. I would highly recommend giving them a go - and definitely using them in combination. The Siamese Sole line is just one of the lines on offer by iMantara... If you're interested, check out the complete iMantara product range on the Thai Square Spa website: here.

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