Friday 6 May 2016

Ped Egg Power: Cordless

With this recent heat wave we've been experiencing here in the UK, I've loved being able to wear sandals. Luckily, my feet were already prepped for the occasion and the Ped Egg Power was essential to this. 
Read on to hear all about my thoughts on this product...

The Ped Egg Power is a cordless, electric pedicure roller. The blue abrasive roller spins at an amazing 2000rpm and is designed to expertly remove dead skin and callouses. The device also comes with a purple roller - the 'smoothing' roller - which is ideal to use as a second step in your routine to smooth over your freshly exfoliated skin. 

So, the theory behind the device sounds great... but in practice, does it live up to expectations? 
The answer is, most definitely, yes. To be quite honest, at first I was a little worried that perhaps I'd press too hard and end up being too abrasive on my skin, but I now know that this shouldn't be a worry. To get results, you only have to press very lightly on your skin. It's actually quite a soothing sensation, not painful at all. The device also has a built-in automatic off function which turns off the power if you press too hard. 

I've loved using the Ped Egg Power on my heels and the pads of my feet - these are the parts of my feet which seem to accumulate the most dead skin. I simply turn the device on and run the roller over these regions - whether that's back and forth, in circular movements... any way still seems to work - until I get the desired effect. The blue abrasive roller is very gentle, but effective. You can visibly see it working with the dry and dead skin falling away. 
After using the blue roller, I switch over to the purple. It's incredibly simple to change them over - you just press a button on the side to eject the existing roller and give you space to pop the next one in. The purple roller is a lot less abrasive - it's designed to smooth over the skin you've buffed with the blue roller. It leaves you with a lovely finish to your skin - very soft and supple. 

The Ped Egg Power is cordless - just operated by a couple of AA batteries. The portability makes it easy to fit it into your skincare routine and equally easy to take it away with you when travelling. I now use this twice a week and follow up with a lovely foot lotion. I've noticed such a difference since using it and can't get over how effortlessly easy it is to use.  

The last thing to mention is the price. The Ped Egg Power is really affordable. It's currently £14.99 on both the JML website and on Boots. 

If you're looking for a quick, easy and fun way to get softer and smoother feet, then I'd highly recommend checking out the Ped Egg Power.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! 

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