Friday 8 April 2016

Elemental Beauty: Foundation and Illuminator

If, like me, you often worry about the ingredients in your make-up that you're putting on your face everyday, then I would recommend trying some natural, mineral make-up. The advantage is that you're using a purer product, free from chemicals which performs just as well, if not better, than the drugstore equivalents. Elemental Beauty is a UK company that produces handmade mineral cosmetics with the added benefits of being cruelty-free, vegan, Halal and Kosher... perfect for everyone! I've recently been trying out one of their foundations and one of their illuminators... Read on to hear all about my experience.

Pure Mineral Foundation

As you can see from the picture below, each product comes in a sweet, little white pot fitted with a sifter. The lid is a screw-fix, which is ideal to keep all the powder contained. The shade that I have gone for is 'Oatmeal' - a neutral-based, pale tone. I was actually blown away by how many shades they have available... I usually have to just make do with the lightest colour of any range, but Elemental Beauty accommodate for every position on the spectrum and even provide different background tones for each shade e.g. pinks, cool tones...

The consistency of the powder is incredibly soft. It's obviously been very finely-milled and is silky to touch. From doing my research, this powder foundation is very different to any I've tried before in that the main ingredient is actually titanium dioxide as opposed to mica. Titanium dioxide will give you far greater coverage than just mica alone and it is also provides a natural UV block. I, for one,  definitely agree that this change in ingredients makes a difference. Below is a 'before and after' picture of me applying the foundation. I haven't applied a primer, this is the foundation all on it's own. As you can see, it's completely covered all redness and blemishes to give me a clear, matte finish.

The titanium dioxide isn't the only 'wonder ingredient' in the foundation: zinc oxide, kaolin and allantoin all play a part too. Zinc oxide is antiseptic, antimicrobial and fungicidal. So if you have blemish-prone skin like me, this foundation will not only cover up any spots - it'll also help you to fight them off. Kaolin is the mildest of the clays (suitable for use on sensitive skin) and is wonderful for oil control. When it comes to a foundation, this is going to help the product stay put for longer. Finally, allantoin promotes cell turnover - it'll stimulate generation of new cells, whilst shedding the dead ones. It's great as a natural healer for sores, blemishes, abrasions etc. 

In terms of application, the foundation goes on like a dream. I use either a fluffy powder brush or a chunky kabuki to cover my whole face. The powder is honestly so slight that it doesn't feel like you've got anything on - you don't have to worry about that 'cakey' feeling. 

The foundation is also long-lasting. I can easily get a full days wear from my morning application and still have good coverage by the time I get home from work. This is definitely another benefit of a powder foundation - they don't 'slip' like a liquid would.

All-in-all, I've been massively impressed and I'd highly recommend this product a try. The foundation currently costs £10.99 and comes in a vast range of shades. To take a look, click: here

Mineral Illuminator

Illuminating, highlighting and strobing are all the rage at the moment, so I couldn't wait to try out a mineral illuminator to see how it went. I've been using the shade 'Opalescent' - a beautiful pale pink highlighter with a stunning iridescence. It has a gorgeous golden sheen when the light hits it that really makes an impact. If you're someone who has pale skin, then this is definitely a good highlighter for your skin tone. 

The great thing about having a powder highlighter, is that it's so easy to blend into your skin. You want to avoid getting that clear line of highlighter, as it doesn't look natural - but with this product it's effortless. You simply need to dust a small amount over your cheek bones, and the powder will naturally distribute itself over your skin in a seamless way. If you're new to the highlighting game, then I would definitely recommend starting with something like this - it's impossible to get the look wrong with a mineral illuminator. 

I've also been using this powder on my eyes too, it's great for highlighting your inner corner. 

There are other shades of illuminator on the Elemental Beauty website - definitely one for all skin tones! They currently cost £4.99 and you can find them on the website, here.

Today, I've literally just shown you a small portion of what Elemental Beauty have to offer. They also make blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, lipsticks and brushes. Be sure to check them out:

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