Sunday 5 July 2015

PHB Skin Brighten Gel with Neroli & Immortelle

I'm so excited to introduce you to the latest addition to PHB's skin treatment gel range which promises to brighten your skin, giving you the perfect glowing, healthy look for the summer. The 'Skin Brighten Gel' contains wonder-ingredients such as Neroli, Immortelle and Aloe Vera and, most importantly, they are all natural and ethically sourced.

Read on to hear more about PHB and this fantastic product!

PHB Ethical Beauty is a family business based in the UK. Their products are all handmade, cruelty-free, 100% halal certified and 100% vegan registered, but that's not all... As well as using natural and organic ingredients that are ethically sourced, they also donate 15% of net profits to charities that improve both the welfare of people and animals worldwide. If that's not a good enough reason to check out their products, then I don't know what is! They produce skin care, hair care and cosmetics and are now being sold in over 20 countries worldwide. For me, the story behind the company is really inspiring and I urge you all to go check out their website!

Now on to the Skin Brighten Gel! 

PHB have a great range of skin treatment gels which each ahve a specialised purpose. The gels are made witha base of Aloe Vera and botanical oils, but additional ingredients are then added to make a treatment that is specific to a certain need. 

PHB describe this gel as being for: brightening, pigmentation and even tone, and you can see how it manages this just by looking at the ingredients;

Immortelle, which is also known as the everlasting flower, is often used in anti-aging treatments because of it's powerful cell regerative properties. This makes it ideal for brightening up dull patches of skin and contributing to a more even skin-tone by stimulating all areas to regenerate.

Neroli is an essential oil distilled from the flowers of the Seville orange. It's non-irritant nature has made it one of the most widely used floral oils in perfumes (meaning it's great for sensitive skin!). As you can imagine from hearing about it's source, Neroli is packed full of vitamin C. Vitamin C actively targets dark spots in our skin and helps to reduce discolouration.

Licorice is, surprisingly, a fantastic skin care agent and as a result has been used throughout history to treat skincare ailments. Interestingly, it's anti-inflammatory nature also led to it being used to treat stomach ulcers and sore throats. When we see inflammation in our skin we see reddness, swelling and itchiness - you often see this with spots. The components in licorice extract reduce this giving a more even tone to our skin, whilst also reducing the action of enzymes which are responsible for the skin's pigmentation process.. Licorice also contains collegen boosting components which strengthen our skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The gel itself is incredibly light-weight and feels like nothing else I have ever applied to my skin. You literally need the tiniest amount of product to coat your entire face. I will just tap my fingertip ever so slightly on to the surface of the gel and will have more than enough - this 120ml jar will last me forever! It blends effortlessly into the skin and is absorbed within a matter of seconds. This makes it ideal for use of a morning or evening before you apply your moisturiser. It's also incredibly cooling on the skin and gives you an instant boost of hydration without any greasiness.

If you're worried about a licorice smell, then don't be! I honestly can't smell licorice at all, in fact the scent is subtle and just very fresh.

In terms of who can use and how you can use it, this product is very universal. The aloe vera base means that this product is incredibly gentle on the skin and I would recommend it for even the most sensitive skin. In fact, those of us with sensitive skin seem to be the most prone to uneven skin tone and so this would be a must-have product. I would also highly recommend this for aging skin. My Mum has been using this to target sun spots and my Dad has been using it under his eyes to try and brighten his dark circles. Personally, I've been using this all over my face and neck to help conquer my red patches and also to reduce pigmentation in my acne scars. I've only been using this for a few weeks, but I'm already seeing the results. 

I think that this is the prefect skin care product to have in your collection because it will last you for ages and give you consistently great results. I feel like it's fantastic news to find a company that makes truly effective natural beauty products, whilst also being highly ethical and charitable. Both PHB as a whole and this product specifically get a massive thumbs up for me and I highly reccomend you go and check them both out.

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