Thursday 16 July 2015

Accessorize 'Paradise' Eyeshadow Palette

After falling head-over-heels in love with the Accessorize 'Exposed' palette, I couldn't wait to get my hands on another from their range. After the gorgeous neutral shades in 'Exposed', I decided to try out some brighter colours for the summer and the 'Paradise' palette gives the perfect combination of both pastels and brighter, more metallic shades. 

Read on to see plenty of swatches and examples of how I've been wearing these colours on the lids...

Before we look at some swatches, I want to let you know my overall impression of the quality of the shadows. In a word - fantastic. Just like the first Accessorize palette I tried, these shadows are beautifully pigmented and so smooth to blend. The more shimmery, metallic shades are so intense and creamy that the tiniest amount will give incredible colour pay-off. The matte shades are subtle, but very buildable, which is exactly what you want for a transition shade. The slightly shimmery, more pastel colours are fantastic all over lid colours.

The palette comes with 32 shades and currently retails at £12. I honestly feel like this is a bargain when you consider how great the shadows are. The only downside is that these palettes can be hard to find. I was never able to track them down online, so it's better to pop into your local Accessorize shop to see what they have in stock.

Now on to the swatches! 

Blues and purples are a great way to add a pop of colour to your eyes and they're becoming increasingly more popular when it comes to make-up. If you have brown or hazel eyes then these will suit you particularly well. 

As you can see from the swatches, all of these shades are highly pigmented. The turqoise shades are absolutely stunning and I can't wait to wear these on my lower lash line for a simple summery look. Both the blues and purples include a range of different shades which make it easy to create a single colour look. For an example, see below for an every-day purple look that I wore to work one day:

For a night time look, I would add more of the deeper purple to the outer lid and highlight my inner corner with a silvery shade 

These colours just scream 'summer' to me. The peaches, pinks and corals would be perfect for a bright, fun look. The top two shades in the swatch picture are fantastic all-over lid shades and the brighter colours would be ideal for the outer corner. If you worry about wearing pinks on your eye, then try just blending a tiny amount of the stronger colour into the outer portion of your lid, whilst keeping a softer colour like a shimmery cream or white on the rest of the lid. 

The second column has some fantastic shimmery highlight shades which are ideal for the inner corner. It also includes a jet black shade which is incredibly pigmented and intense. A shade like this is a staple for any collection as can be blended in to darken any colour.

I absolutely love earthy tones like the shades in these two columns. Although they might seem more autumnal, greens and golds can be worn in a way to add a sense of the tropic to your make-up. The top two gold shades are probably some of my favourite eye shadows in the entire palette - they're so creamy and easy to blend!

In the above picture I've made a warmer look where I've blended those two favourite shades of mind together. 

Above, I've created a more cooler-toned green-eyed look. I used the lightest, pastel green in the inner third and then blended in some of the darker greens are the outer corner. 

Finally, we've got the fantastic matte transition shades and some light, shimmery pastel shades. Although the matte shades aren't picking up so well in the picture, they are so effective in the crease and transition zone. They can easily be built up to give a more solid colour, but blend effortlessly to give a seamless look.

To conclude, my Accessorize palettes are by far the favourite palettes that I own. I honestly cannot recommend them enough and can't wait to get my hands on more! 

Have you tried any of the Accessorize cosmetics range?

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