Thursday 23 July 2015

ARTDECO Celebration Iconic Collection: The Make-Up Base

ARTDECO is a German make-up brand that I've been keen to try for a long time now. Although still relatively new to the UK, ARTDECO are rapidly becoming more popular and I find myself admiring their range on a regular basis. With the launch of their Celebration Iconic Collection I decided it was about time I treated myself to see exactly what all the fuss was about... and, boy, do I get it now! 

Read on to hear all about the collection and my experience with 'The Make-Up Base'. 

2015 sees the 30th birthday of ARTDECO and to celebrate they've launched a new collection composed of 10 of they most revered products. As a fantastic gift to their customers, a 30% discount has been applied to the entire collection. I'll include the complete list of products at the end of this post, but for now I'd like to focus on just one... 'The Make-Up Base'. 

As you've probably deduced from the name, 'The Make-Up Base' is a foundation primer. However, that's not all it is. It doubles as an anti-aging treatment. The primer has additional amino-peptide components which stimulate regeneration in our skin cells whilst also hydrating and, thus, moisturising. Anti-aging action and priming abilities are an ideal combination for a product - disguising existing wrinkles or irregularities, whilst also preventing the development of more.

I know that the consistency of a primer can significantly affect a person's choice in product. It often seems like the thicker and more heavy duty ones are more effective at prolonging the life of your make-up, but equally they're considerably less comfortable to wear. ARTDECO's 'Make-Up Base' has hit the nail on the head when it comes to increasing the wearability of a primer without compromising on the effectiveness. This primer is a gel formulation which is incredibly light-weight on the skin. It blends effortlessly filling in any wrinkles and covering any irregularities to give an instantly smooth finish. Unlike many other primers I use, this product does not leave your skin looking greasy or with any kind of visible residue. This makes it ideal to wear on it's own if you're simply looking to minimise pores etc. without wearing foundation.  

To be able to discuss how effective the primer is, I've experimented with it over the past few weeks with a range of different foundations. In each case, I've been massively impressed. A few seconds after applying the primer it honestly feels like there is nothing on my face - it's that light-weight, however, when I go to apply my foundation I really notice a difference. My foundation applies a lot smoother, not collecting or forming patches in my commonly dry areas or drawing attention to my larger nose pores like it usually does. It really makes my skin look a lot more even in tone and the foundation finish looks a lot more flawless and natural than it would do without the primer. 

The 'Make-Up Base' also prolongs the lasting power of both liquid and powder foundations. I had significantly less foundation break-down throughout the day and I had considerably less oil showing up, particularly in my T-zone.

'The Make-Up Base' is £11.60 and is available online at and

The collection is also filled with 9 other hero products. See below for the complete list:

Perfect Teint Concealer
High Precision Liquid Liner
The Make-Up Base
Eyeshadow Base
All in One Mascara
All in One Mascara Waterproof
Hot Chilli Lip Booster
Glossy Lip Volumizer
Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat
Magic Fix 

To conclude, my first look at ARTDECO's make-up has massively impressed me and I can't wait to try more. I would highly recommend checking out their website to see what other great products they have:

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