Monday 10 August 2015

femfresh: Daily Intimate Wash

Although almost all of us recognise the need to use different cleansing products on our hands, face, feet and body, a lot of us ladies don't seem to realise that our intimate areas need to be treated differently too. For those of us who love a bit of pampering, 'femfresh' have created a range of skin care products for down there.

Read on to learn a little bit more about why 'femfresh' is best for your intimate areas...

Our downstairs region is unique in it's preferred environment. Whereas the most of our body has a higher pH (the level of acidity with 1 being the highest), our intimate areas require a lower pH of around 4.5. This pH is needed to maintain healthy levels of our 'good' bacteria which will ward off other harmful organisms.

When you use a normal body wash in this area you will be disrupting the delicate pH balance and, as a result, destroying the protective barrier that our 'good' bacteria provide. This is why you are then more prone to infection and inflammation. 

I'm sure you've heard of some ladies getting thrush and I've just described one way that will easily predispose you to it. 

So should you wash your downstairs area? Good hygiene is always necessary, but you have to be sure you're doing it right. 'femfresh' have developed their daily intimate wash which is an unperfumed shower gel that is perfect for the job. Not only is it pH balanced to suit your intimate areas, it is soap-free and contains aloe vera - making it as gentle on your sensitive skin as possible. 

I've been using 'femfresh' products for over a year now and I, honestly, cannot speak highly enough of them. As well as shower gels, they also create freshening & soothing wipes (ideal for travelling), deoderants and even re-balance powders. 

We all like looking after our skin, so don't forget to give your intimate areas some TLC too! 

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