Tuesday 11 August 2015

Bonacure Sun Protect Travel Kit

Although we all enjoy the summer months, there's so denying that it's easily the toughest time for our hair. Whether it's purely just from the influence of the sun, or from the combination with chlorine or salt, the summer can leave our hair dry, damaged and faded. Bonacure have developed their 'Sun Protect' range which is designed especially to prevent and repair such damage. Their travel set contains three essential products (all 100ml each so perfect to take on holiday) packaged in a gorgeous wet bikini bag. 

Read on to hear more about these products and my experience with them...

First things first, let's talk a little about the brand. BC Bonacure was developed by Schwarzkopf to: "bring hair closer than ever to natural perfection". Their range includes specific treatments for all varieties of different hair types: distressed, coloured, mature, dry, unmanageable, thining etc. If you're experiencing a problem with your hair - they've got the solution. 

The main culprits of hair damage in the summer are UVA/UVB radiation and free radicals.  
UVA and UVB radiation come from the sun and actively reduce the strength of your hair and the vibrancy of its colour. Free radicals, on the other hand, can not only come from the sun, but can also originate in salt and chlorine. These act to dry out your hair and damage the follicular structure.

Luckily, the Sun Protect range has a triple protection mechanism guarding against UVA/UVB, colour fade and free radical damage. It does this using a UV filter and Monoi Oil with vitamin E... so not only is your hair protected, it is also nourished and soothed. 

The pack contains three different products and I'll now tell you a bit more about them...


When your hair is damaged you don't want a shampoo that is going to be too harsh, but equally you need it to be effective to get rid of any nasty residues of chlorine etc that could be building up. This shampoo has got the balance perfect. It gentle cleanses your hair, whilst also moisurising the scalp (which is often overlooked). The one thing that I was especially impressed with was how hydrated my hair felt after. Most shampoos can be quite drying on your hair, which is why a conditioner is vital, but the Manoi Oil means you don't have to worry about plastering on extra product after.

I can't move on without mentioning the scent of this range. If you're not aware of Manoi oil, it's an infused perfume oil that is made from soaking petals of a Polynesian flower in coconut oil. You'll be able to smell it in all three of these products and it is such a beautiful, summery scent. 


A spray conditioner is such a good idea, especially when you're away on holiday. It avoids the need to spent even longer in the shower trying to rinse off conditioner and also means you can give your hair a spritz of TLC throughout the day. The BC Spray Conditioner is designed to be a leave-in treatment which I know scares some people. For example - I've got a lot of hair on my head, so I sometimes worry about my hair getting weighed down by product. but, honestly, this conditioner is so lightweight! You can use it daily without having to worry about losing volume. Also, it's effect is pretty much immediate. It leaves your hair so soft and with a gorgeous, natural shine. I think this is a must-have product to take with you to the pool or to the beach... If you're hair feels like it's drying out, then just spray a bit of this all over for an instant spot of nourishment. It's also a fantastic detangler - prevents that painful hairbrush tugging! 


I'm a huge lover of using oil in my hair, so when I saw the BC shimmer oil I couldn't wait to try it! Plus, this oil comes with a spray mechanism so you don't have to worry about getting product on your hands. I've loved using this to nourish the ends of my hair which are so prone to splitting in the sun. Spraying this will leave your hair feeling a lot more healthy - a lot more supple and soft. 

I know a lot of people will be intrigued by the 'shimmer' element of this treatment, and so was I! In fact, the shimmer is created by tiny shine particles. You're not going to end up with glittery hair or anything like that, but your hair will have a more impressive, glamorous shine that really catches in the sun. 

The best thing about this oil spray is that it's waterproof, so you're still going to see it's effects even if you're jumping in and out of the pool. It's a great way to keep your hair looking and feeling good whilst sunbathing. 

I feel like I'm all set for my beach and pool-side holidays this year and I'll finally be able to enjoy the sun without feeling guilty about the effects it's having on my hair. 

I would really recommend checking out this set. It's affordable, perfect for travel (flight-approved fluid sizes) and also comes with the most gorgeous bikini bag which you could use as a make-up bag! 

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