Friday 8 July 2016

Summerdown Mint: Shampoo & Conditioner

For some time, I've been on the lookout for a haircare range that is free from any "nasties" and will not only nourish my hair, but actually protect and invigorate it too. I've finally found my match with this Summerdown Mint duo that uses fantastic natural ingredients to put life back into your hair. Read on to hear more...

I'd like to begin my talking a little bit about the brand Summerdown itself - as their story just adds to the charm of the products. You may have noticed the phrase, "from the heart of the english countryside" written on the bottles - this couldn't be more true. The mint that they use, Black Mitcham mint, is grown in the heart of the Hampshire Downs. Each autumn it's cut and distilled to produce the Summerdown pure, single estate peppermint oil. Black Mitcham mint has become well-known for it's incredible resistance to disease, fungus and drought and the oil it produces not only has health-giving properties but also is purifying, soothing and mood-enhancing. It goes without saying that the Summerdown peppermint oil would be the perfect ingredient for luxurious hair and body products and, thankfully, Summerdown saw this opportunity! They've brought out an award-winning range of 10 natural products made from all-natural ingredients and gorgeously-scented botanicals.  The range includes soap, hand wash, hand lotion, body wash, body soak, body lotion, reed diffuser, soy wax candle and, what I'll be reviewing for you today, shampoo and conditioner. 

What really attracted me to the Summerdown haircare range is that they are free from sulphates, parabens, PEGs, petrochemicals and artificial colouring. If you're not already aware, these ingredients are commonly found in most drug-store hair products, but they are actually terrible for your hair! For example, sulphates: these are harsh detergents that strip your hair of the natural sebaceous oils that are required for good scalp and hair health. If the product contains sulphates, it likely contains PEGs too. PEGs are, effectively, plastics and these coat the individual strands of hair to make them appear thicker - however, this comes at the cost of stripping the hair of moisture. All you need to do is google any of these ingredients and you'll find plenty of reasons why you need to start avoiding them in your hair products and instead use products like the Summerdown range. 

So is the shampoo still effective, even without the artificial chemicals? The answer is 100% YES. 
It lathers up so easily and you really don't need a lot of product to be able to wash all of your hair. It feels really invigorating on your scalp - so fresh and clean! It's also incredibly soothing... I had the misfortune to burn my scalp on one, rare, sunny day here in England and this shampoo really helped to calm it down. It wasn't irritating it at all, which is something my drugstore shampoos are known to do. It's effectiveness as a shampoo is perfect. I didn't find myself washing my hair any more than normal, proving that you don't need chemicals to get clean hair! 
Finally, let's talk about the scent - because it is just incredible. The predominant smell is definitely lemongrass, but there is also some floral notes and some zestiness. It is unbelievably fresh and is the perfect scent for summer. 

Find out more about this shampoo on the Summerdown website: here.
£12.50 for 250ml

After loving the shampoo, I was intrigued to see if the conditioner lived up to the same standards. Spoiler alert: it did. 

Just like the shampoo, it's full of goodness, without any nasty ingredients. It also has added organ oil, which we all know works wonders for the hair. I've absolutely loved using this conditioner, as it feels so lightweight and is also really easy to distribute evenly throughout the hair. Once you've washed it off, you're left with silky smooth hair that feels nourished and light. 
The conditioner has a very similar scent, but with a little less of the zesty-notes. I actually think this works well for a conditioner as you're left with a more subtle scent that lingers on your hair afterwards. 

Find out more about this conditioner on the Summerdown website: here.
£15.00 for 250ml

Overall, my hair has definitely been looking and feeling a lot better since I've changed my haircare regime to use this duo. I've also noticed that my hair appears to have more volume - which makes me wonder if my drugstore products have just been weighing my hair down. 

I would highly recommend checking out the Summerdown range. These hair products are so luxurious and are of such great quality - if these two are anything to go by, the rest of the Summerdown Range is sure to be fantastic. 

Check them out on their website:

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